Thursday, September 13, 2018

Guest Post - Implements VIII

It's not the end after all! Bacall vary kindly sent me a photo of her arsenal.

"The small holey paddle is my all time favorite which Bogey made for me, followed by the leather paddle. One side is sensual and the other side is very stingy. It was given to us by a dear friend that is no longer with us. I think he only wanted the sensual side used on me. Bogey thinks it’s the stingy side that he wanted to be used. The leather paddle was the first one I bought. I like the long thin Teacher's paddle when I am in the right frame of mind. The red paddle is the one I like when I think I am bulletproof. "

Wow, Bacall! They all look very inviting, in an ouchy sort of way. I can't decide which one I love/fear the most! Thank you for sharing your impressions of them.

If you would like to send me a photo of your favourite implement(s) I would love to post it here. Send it to me at martingale2 @ yahoo . ca (without the spaces). 
From Hermione's Heart


ronnie said...

Nice selection. You know my opinion of the small holey paddle, ouch and ouch.

Hermione, thanks,


QBuzz said...

What a great idea for a series! I would love to contribute if I ever get round to photographing our implements.
Interesting how few belts there are in these posts. I have more belts than anything else!

King Marshal said...

Nice Paddles! I need some wooden paddles in my toy bag.

Minelle Labraun said...

The red one looks lovely, but sounds like it packs a punch!

Yorkie69 said...

Very nice collection indeed!.


Roz said...

Very nice collection. They all look super ouchy to me!