Sunday, September 2, 2018

Spanko Brunch 2.0 #243

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Today's topic was suggested to me by Barrel, the same reader who gave me the idea for the guest implement series.

Do you use restraints if/when the spanking is to be longer?  Harder?  More intense?  Or just to heighten the aura of a spanking?  How do restraints change the mood of a spanking?

Leave your response as a comment, and I will publish a summary of our discussion once everyone has had a chance to speak.
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Fondles said...

i think when the restraints come on i immediately get a whole lot more submissive in my mindset. it's definitely a different level!

we don't typically use them for spankings, but we have used them for other types of fun kinky activities.

Anonymous said...

Tighter leg hold, grip around waist, no restraints, this is how I know the spanking is going to be applied firmly, swiftly, and last longer.

Wilma Rubble said...

B uses restraints often. More often during a reset session than a punishment. My mindset definitely changes. I feel far more free not having to concentrate on my movement is one reason, the other is it seems to heighten his dominance. The intensity level appears greater, but that might also be due to my mindset, not the physicality of it all the time

Barrel said...

Mistress restrains me 3 or 4 times a year for intense punishments, birthday or anniversary events where the spanking will be especially long and hard. We do these as I crave them and Mistress relishes the ultimate power and authority. She plans such events for about a month to prepare my mental state for the session. I am always very submissive and hesitant as I prepare the bench at the foot of our bed with the restraints. Mistress is always supremely confident and sensitive as the time approaches to bind me to the bench. She comforts and assures me with her soft voice, telling me the restraints will help me endure the punishment she has planned. These sessions are usually longer than disciplinary spankings, and always harder as she employs many of the 11 toys at her disposal. Most of these sessions end with Mistress heavily applying both canes, the thicker to add intense discomfort and the thin cane to create welts that will last several months, thus the justification for the restraints. I have worked to enhance the restraints over the years to make them easy to apply and release to make Mistresses role easier.

NoraJean said...

We don't use restraints for strictly spanking activities, although Frank will,occasionally hold my hands behind my back while I am OTL. We do use them for other erotic, kinky actitivites :)) ... nj

Sir Wendel Jones said...

Only used restraints once. I tied the Misses’ hands to the headboard of the bed with a couple of neckties and then whipped her bottom with the belt. We did not care for it.

Anonymous said...

Nope. Never used them, never needed to and probably never will.


Roz said...

Restraints, blindfolds etc doesn't happen often and like Fondles, not specifically used for a spanking per sec, although spanking almost always happens once the restraints are on.

We use them more to enhance the experience. It definitely heightens the sensory experience and puts me more in a submissive mindset.

Evelyn Carter said...

Restraints are used here for various reasons, though generally not in a spur of the moment spanking. I tend to kick up my feet, and being caned both intentionally and unintentionally on the bottom of the foot is not ideal for me! lol. Worse is a paddle to the ankle bone. Rarely is OTK used here so trapping my legs beneath his doesn't happen. Also Reed says I tend to flip around like a fish on a dock...diaper position is more like a wrestling match. LOL.

I too find freedom in being restrained. I can get panicked at the start as I know I am not going anywhere and he has complete control ( yes we have a safeword) but eventually my mind settles and I don't have to worry about what my body is doing- nor does he

Eric51 Amy49 said...

We have done very little with restraints but it is something we want to do more often. There is something exciting to both of us about getting me to the edge and that elusive subspace everyone talks about. Haven't gotten there yet but think restraints could help. First, Eric needs to get home and I need to get healthy. Then... we play.

Red said...

I received the same email from blogger, and it did work for one day, but now has stopped working again. Is it working for you?
bottoms up

Minelle Labraun said...

Never used restraints. Not sure but it may be fun to experiment!
Glad you said something about the blogger subscription! I was worried to just click! Im going to go and do it now! Thanks!

Anonymous said...

I'm with Fondles. I don't spank for any reason other than fun so restraints have never been necessary.

That said, this question made me laugh. I was in my early 30's, dating this hot blonde who was out of my league but also at my townhouse one Sat. afternoon. She comes into my bedroom where I am tossing out clothing I don't use, that doesn't fit, out of style, etc. A big pile on top of the bed. To include a bunch of expensive neckties.

"You're throwing those out????"

"Might as well. Their old, a bit dirty, don't wear them much as all. Don't see why I should keep them."

She just looked at me with a stunned grin on her face, a look that just screamed, "You. Idiot!"

She didn't say a word! Not a word. Just "the look". Just that grinning quizzical look on her face begging me to figure it out....!

And I did. Everything went off the bed and onto the floor so I could put those old ties to new uses. I was a willing student; she, a great teacher.

Oh, the things you can do with old ties, whip cream, blueberries...and a feather! (The feather. Not the whole chicken. Remember that.)


ronnie said...
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ronnie said...

We have and do on occasion use restraints, but not solely for spanking. They are used for other fun kinky activities.


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