Thursday, September 6, 2018

Guest Post - Implements VII

Yorkie, a regular reader and enthusiastic brunch participant, sent me this picture of his spanking arsenal.

"Here are the contents of my toy box. They're not much but they are effective. I love them all! In there is a handle from one of those bath brushes with a removable head. The head kept falling off so I kept the handle as it was too tempting to just throw out."

I also have one of those pink sticks, and wrote back to Yorkie, saying I hadn't dared to try it yet. Here is Yorkie's reply regarding the "Smack Stick Senior".

"That thing is quite formidable. Rather than try to describe it anew I thought I'd scour through all the things I'd written to my wife and the first one I came across was a session where I'd had about 60 swats from that strap, my Ever Ready cane and the small brush with angled handle. So I wrote...

"I also wanted that smack stick as, no matter how numb my bottom was in certain places, I knew that thing would up the ante. It did. Oh boy it did! If that small bath brush generates white heat, this stick turns it up even more and due to the thickness and density of the material it gives more impact to the layers of muscle underneath the skin. Oh my goodness! 60 with that was both enough and not enough."

Yorkie, you will be pleased to know that I have brought the Smack Stick out of hiding and it is now hanging on the wall with all the other implements. I haven't drawn attention to it, but if Ron happens to choose it, well, I guess I'll find out how it feels.

This is the last post in the series, but it doesn't have to be  the end. If you would like to send me a photo of your favourite implement(s) I would love to post it here. Send it to me at martingale2 @ yahoo . ca (without the spaces). 
From Hermione's Heart


NoraJean said...

Nice colllection of weaponry ;)) ... Given the colour of that Smack Stick, Hermione, not sure how Ron would miss its addition to the wall. My guess is he'll be aiming for a colour match :)) ... nj ... xx

King Marshal said...

Love that hairbrush. I had one but foolishly gifted it to friend as a going away present.

ronnie said...

Love the collection though don't think I'd fancy that Smack Stick.


Minelle Labraun said...

Fierce! That smack stick looks fierce! The unassuming ones always are much harder to take!

Anonymous said...

Wow. I'm famous! Glad you got out your smack stick. I like to leave it for last as it is quite the formidable tool so it finishes off an intense session with a bang, so to speak.


Roz said...

Impressive collection! They all look ouchy to me. I don't think I would fancy the spank stick either!


Anonymous said...

I forgot to put in my bath brush from The Body Shop. That got an outing last Saturday. Wow. Just, wow.