Monday, December 17, 2018

Recap: Spanko Brunch 2.0 for December 16

Our topic this week was spanking and recreational drugs.

Sir Wendel: The only indulgence aside from spanking is an occasional glass of wine with dinner and a glass of champagne at New Years. We like to be aware of when and why we get spanked.

Roz: No, never engaged in spanking while under the influence of any drug, other than alcohol.

QBuzz: Does alcohol count? We're both more likely to get our arses slapped when we've had a few, even in public!

Bonnie: Randy and I enjoyed the occasional toke way back when. We quit before our daughter arrived in the early eighties. However, pot is now legal in our state and we have experimented a bit recently. It's still fun, but in terms of spanking, I can't recommend pot. We mostly sit around and laugh.

Domhnall: My Disciplinarian does such a thorough job that I am completely "stoned" when she is finished. I can barely function at that point and cannot imagine adding anything else to deal with.

Rosco: I drink alcohol and smoke or eat marijuana on occasion. It’s rare that I do either before sex or spanking.

Sometimes I’ll do a little marijuana before I drift off to sleep. It helps me relax, especially when there’s extra stress at work. I usually go to bed before Irene.

Sometimes also, we try to pencil in time for a “date” (our description for about 2 hours of female dominance, spanking, pedicures etc culminating in cunnilingus then intercourse), but it has to be delayed a day or two. When this happens, I’m often given a bedtime spanking.

So on several memorable occasions I’ll be drifting off to sleep in a lazy fog of marijuana, and Irene will wake me, lecture me, then thrash me with a riding crop. It’s really wonderful. Then I get the best most relaxing sleep ever and awake fully aroused and ready to serve and please.

Ronnie: Nothing other than a little tipple of alcohol.

Hermione: Way back in another lifetime I smoked marijuana—or at least I tried to. I wasn't a smoker then or now, and I found it impossible to inhale noxious gases then hold them in my lungs for any period of time. I attended several social gatherings where cannabis was part of the evening, but never experienced any effects except boredom, sitting alone and watching other people get high. Once I left that crowd, I never desired to try it again. Someday Ron and I might see if edible cannabis has an effect on us. In the meantime, a glass of whiskey for Ron and wine for me gets us in the mood for fun.
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