Saturday, December 1, 2018

You Completed the Caption

Here's the postcard with the original speech bubble. Now let's see what your imaginations conjured up:

Bob: Why, of course, dear, that bottom would look better with some stripes. May I?

KDPierre: "Sorry Fred, gotta go. A very important client just arrived and I need to look over her assets."

Katie: "Tom, I have to go. I think that she will bend over... I mean... bend on the proposal."

The Glenmore: Hold my calls Miss Jones something just came down...I mean up!

Minelle: ‘Pretty soon her bottom will be as red as my face!’

QBuzz: 'Better hold my calls for the next hour... I'm about to give my secretary her "performance evaluation"!'

Baxter: Yes, Jenkins, I believe the orgasm, er ah, the organization would be better off looking at the material in panties and how they cover the asses, er ah, the assets.

Ella: "Before we can tackle the quarterly report, there is something I must get to the bottom of. The competition is stiff."

Sir Wendel: Yes Mr. Farnsworth. I am about to dive right into your daughter’s overdrawn account and correct the problem immediately.

Wonderful! You could all be naughty postcard creators. Do stay on for brunch. I'm serving it in just a short while.

From Hermione's Heart

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