Saturday, December 22, 2018

You Completed the Caption

KDPierre: "Santa says for this Season to have a Coke and a spank.
(You don't need a reason.)

King Marshal: This so much better than leaving me milk and cookies!

Red: Be of good cheer, as you spank Bettie's rear.

QBuzz: Santa always gives lumps of coal to naughty girls.
One year, he tried giving them spankings instead. But then the year after that, EVERY girl was naughty!

Roz: That's what you get for snooping at the presents.

Ronnie: Even good girls get spanked at Christmas.

leo: Oops Santa six of the best please.

Anon 1: You have been Naughty or Nice? Well both my dear, but still spanking you can be because of you being nice, can it not? Ho Ho Ho!

Leigh Smith: Rosy red cheeks are the sign of the season.

Barrel: First Dasher...then Dancer...then Prancer...WOW Vixen! Truly a Merry Christmas.

Anon 2: Oh dear harder, I mean Santa, I've been a naughty little girl. I'm sorry Santa, I be good tonight. What's that I feel Santa, are you being naughty?

Sir Wendel: Sorry. Naughty girls get spanked with their panties on. Only good girls get spanked on the bare bottom.

Rosco: I do appreciate a naughty girl now and them, really I do. Now that I’ve started, I can’t really stop til your ample fleshy beautiful bottom matches the red of my suit, can I?

I hope the reindeer are patient and hope we can take care of the kids tonight even if we get a late start, because I’m having a bit of trouble tearing myself away from the task at hand.

Oh my word, girl. You’re wet between the legs. You’re not taking this punishment very seriously, are you. What must I do to get you to behave.?

Hermione: "But Santa, I've been ever so good all year!"
"Maybe so, and this is to make sure you won't be naughty next year!"

Happy Christmas to all, and to all a good night!
From Hermione's Heart

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NoraJean said...

I'm not very good at these which is why I rarely participate, Hermione but I do enjoy reading the answers of others.
Merry Christmas, Hermione! ... wishing you and Ron a wonderful holiday!
... nj ... xx