Monday, December 10, 2018

Recap: Spanko Brunch for December 9

We discussed spanking in the kitchen, and here's what you had to say:

Dan: Hi Hermione. I don't know if this qualifies as "spanky fun," but an incident in the kitchen is tied to one of my most compelling memories around spanking. We are more or less in the closet about our spanking (DD variety) relationship, and also about the Female Led dynamic we've been experimenting with. Last year, we hosted a Christmas brunch for her family. We were in the middle of transferring food from the kitchen to the dining room, and she asked me to do something for her. I had had a couple of Mimosas and responded with some quip about why she couldn't do it herself. She turned to me and said, "Well, you can do it or I can just spank you." While no one reacted, there were others standing in the kitchen with me or walking from the kitchen to the dining room, and I'm pretty sure more than one of them heard it. While I think anyone who overheard it thought she was joking, it still made a really powerful impression on me, as it was the first time she had ever been open about spanking and about our power exchange dynamic. A year later, I can still see myself in the kitchen and hear those words coming out of her mouth.

The Glenmore: When your wife is in her bathrobe and both hands in the sink...well what is a guy to do?

QBuzz: The kitchen is indeed a very spanky place. I think everytime we're both in there at least one of us gets their bottom smacked! I think it's the easy access thanks to dressing gowns etc and all the bending over to look in the oven etc

Roz: We enjoy cooking together and it has occasionally led to a few quick swats with whatever's handy. Usually for giving him cheek or trying to be bossy lol.

Sir Wendel: I’ve always associated the kitchen with spanking since that’s where my mom would spank me. Sometimes on the weekends the Misses will make breakfast wearing just the apron and one thing leads to another and one or both of us are eating standing up.

CrimsonKing: Our very first spankings were in the kitchen. My wife was busy cooking when I came out of the shower and approached her, naked, for some affection.
"Now?!" she exclaimed. We'd been talking about spanking previously but hadn't actually done it. "You want to be spanked? You're gonna get spanked!"
She turned me around over the counter and gave me four sharp swats with a wooden spatula. It hurt! (But of course, it was very exciting!)
Now I've been spanked all around the house (and more than four swats!) but yes, the kitchen remains very special.

Jack: Spankings will take place then and there, my wife feels it is best to address the problem quickly. Spankings in the kitchen are the worse of all. If you have not been spanked with a large wooden spoon, consider yourself lucky. A couple of times there have been another person present, and my wife could care less. I get a scolding, stand before her while she pulls my pants and underpants down. Over her lap and as she as said you put on a good show for the guest. It is facing the wall, while the person and my wife visit. The question asked is do you spank him often, my wife states yes and then adds it does help to improve him.

Bernie: "Do you need the wooden spoon"? Is any other comment necessary?

Ronnie: P gives the occasional swat to remind me to get a move on when I'm helping him with food prep and if P clears the dinner mats I usually get a swat with them.

Annabelle: I have only spanked Hank once in the kitchen. He came in after work and after having a few cocktails.
I was angry and grabbed a cutting board that our son had made at boy scout camp that summer.
Hank was in sweats and I pulled them down and gave him a good reward for coming home drunk.
Our son who was at the time 13 walked in while his dad was whimpering bent over the table.

Abby Williams: Hi Hermione! We don't get up to much serious play in the kitchen - the dogs will not have it! That being said, when I'm making dinner and the pups are playing outside, I love when Mr. W is following me around unable to keep his hands off my backside in some mix of playful touching and sneaky smacks. We also have a wooden spatula that was retired to the bedroom when I got a new one for the kitchen, so it's not like he hasn't manage to get in a good swat or two over the years - we liked that one well enough to at least keep it out of nostalgia.

NoraJean: The kitchen lends itself to so many bending over opportunities, I'd have to say there has been a least one or two swats or more in the kitchen :>))

Rosco: Irene will occasionally give me a few swats in the kitchen, but our windows face the neighbors so it never gets very far.

Once we were cooking at a large communal kitchen with several friends and strangers and Irene decided to start whacking me with a pair of wooden implements. I think she was just having fun cooking and got carried away. Usually she’s very private about spanking me (though it’s gone on long enough that some of our friends know.)
Hermione: The kitchen is such an inviting place for a spanking. The chairs are not suitable for OTK -- they are high bar stools -- but the built-in table is just the right height to bend across. There are plenty of implements to choose from, including a heart-shaped spoon, a wooden pizza cutter, and a baguette board, all hanging on the wall within easy reach.

That was fun! Now I must head down to the kitchen to make breakfast. I just might leave a spatula or spoon on the counter as a hint!
From Hermione's Heart

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A spanking anywhere and anytime just reminds you how much your wife loves you. She would not even consider spanking you if she did not truly love you. I squirm, kick, plead, beg, no good. My wife insures my bare bottom is a proper shade of red, warm and stinging like bees. Love hurts sometime but I would want it no other way. Jack