Monday, December 3, 2018

Recap: Spanko Brunch 2.0 for December 2

What is your most memorable spanking?

QBuzz: We have a leather paddle that is lovely but is too severe for my partner and was (up to recently) reserved for 'punishment roleplay' spankings for me rather than 'romantic roleplay'.
But the last time my girlfriend used it my bottom just seemed to be able to take it and she spanked me much longer and harder across her lap with it than ever before. It was bliss - it really is an exquisitely crafted implement and she was able to use it to wallop me to submissive oblivion :D

Dan: Shortly after we got into disciplinary spankings, she called me at work one day and ordered me to come home at lunch, stating that I was going to get spanked as soon as I arrived. She was very clear that I was to arrive no later than 12:30 and was to go directly upstairs, get undressed and "assume the position." Somehow, that drive home seemed to take forever, and yet ended too quickly. I did as she had instructed. She came upstairs, delivered a very thorough strapping, then sent me back to work, where I sat all afternoon on a very sore bottom.

It's been well over ten years since that lunch break. For some reason, that one always sticks out in my mind.

Sir Wendel: Several years back we went to Las Vegas and stayed in the Luxor Pyramid. The misses caught me admiring a group of scantily dressed ladies walking through the lobby. She whispered in my ear that I would be paddled as soon as we got to the room. Once in the room she turned off all the lights and put the desk chair in front on the window. The misses told me that she was going to spank me until my bottom glowed in the dark for the whole city to see. I was ordered to remove all my clothes and the bend over her lap. She spanked my bottom with the paddle for about 5 minutes. It was painful to put my pants back on and I could not sit for a couple of hours. I have always wondered if anyone could see from outside.

Roz: I have a couple of memorable spankings, my most serious punishment spanking after I had failed to check in with Rick while away and let him know I had arrived safely etc. He was beside himself with worry.

The other was when we had purchase a necklace featuring entertained hearts as what we called a vanilla collar. It was a symbol of our dynamic and intended to remind us of our roles. We had a sort of collaring ceremony which included a spanking.

What made both these spankings memorable was the emotions involved in each.

sub hub: I don't remember what the infraction was ... I clearly remember the punishment spanking I received for it.

What made it memorable was simple ... I was instructed to place the wrist cuffs harness over the door, using the little gadget that is for that purpose. Then, I was required to go into the closet, remove all of my clothes, attach place wrist and ankle restraints and then kneel on the bedroom floor waiting for Mistress K. to arrive.

She burst into the room with purpose, fully dressed, and immediately retrieved her paddle. She instructed me to stand and led me to the harness hanging on the door and attached the wrist restraints. I was required to press my body against the door (like I was going to "try to fuck the door"). Mistress K. started with what turned out to be a long, sustained paddling of my naked bottom that literally transformed me mentally and physically the deepest state of subspace I had experienced.

Katie: Hi Hermione, :) There have been lots, but I have to say that the most memorable one was the first time Rob gave me a discipline spanking. I couldn't believe that he actually, spontaneously did that. I didn't see it coming. Wasn't sure how onboard he was going to be, though we had talked plenty at the time. We were just going with the flow.

I interrupted him talking, and poked him to get his attention. Later, when we were upstairs in our room, he sat down on the loveseat, and pulled my pants down, and gave me six spanks with his hand, while he told me how much he disliked that kind of thing. Not only was I surprised, but I also felt bad. I try not to go there any more. Definitely wins the most memorable award around here!

NoraJean: A short, sharp in the moment spanking, in response to something I said ... it was followed by an instant feeling of contrition ... all of which took me by surprise

Barrel: The most recent punishment session six months ago is still incredibly vivid. While her use of all of our toys and extended duration (45 minutes) are memorable, what I recall the most was the mental transformation I went through culminating in draping myself across our spanking bench. She worked on my mental preparation for almost a week. Hints, reminders and related tasks, like readying the restraints the day before, contributed to the build up. I knew the session would be long and intense, yet I was so ready to submit, it was almost easy. She punished me up to her comfort point, yet I craved more. Very special.

Minelle: I remember a spanking where I blamed it on menopausal bravery pills! It was memorable because it brought out a calmness in us both! His hand and my bottom were sore! :)

Bernie: We were in Chicago 3 or 4 years ago, staying at the Four Seasons. I was looking out the window at Michigan Avenue when I was told to strip and bend over with my hands on the window sill. The paddling was enough to make me look backwards, which, of course, added quite a few more strokes (I kept my attention on the view).

We had a nice breakfast in the room, then another session looking at the city, and "dessert."

I was sore enough to remember the morning's events all the way back to LA.

Ronnie: A memorable and totally unexpected event It was my birthday. I got two bunches of roses. One for the vase and P spanked with the other one (no thorns).

Hermione: I've had several very memorable ones, but the one that I described here comes to mind.

What good memories you all have! Thank you for sharing.
From Hermione's Heart


Anonymous said...

Nothing will stand out more from spankings that I have received then getting caught masturbating. I was seeing an older woman, friends mostly, lived in the same apartment complex. She lived below me, we spent time in the evening talking, have a drink or two, nothing more. One Saturday morning I was looking a spanking pictures on my computer, I was naked, had a towel, something to relax me, hurting no one. I did not hear her come in, but heard "And what are you doing", I looked said nothing. She looked what I was looking on the computer. Disgusting she said, little boys do this not adults. I was erect, I tried to cover myself, she stopped me. You like spanking pictures, females spanking males, I softly said yes. You want a spanking, I said yes and no. Finish what you started she said sternly, I looked at her, do you want help, I soon was stroking, looking away from her and I finally cum. Get to the bathroom she said and in the bathroom she cleaned me off and i stood not knowing what was going to happen. Put a robe on she said and I soon was going down the stairs to her place, thankful no one saw me. Spankings she said, females spankings and with a hairbrush. In her bedroom she pulled a chair to the middle of the room, picked up a hairbrush. Take off the robe and slowly I did. Let see how you like being spanked and over her lap I went. Oh it hurt like hell, I was soon a total mess, squirming, pleading, begging, she did not listen. Standing me up, I was rubbing and she said did you like the spanking, I did not answer. Playing with yourself, disgusting habit she said, I just said sorry. Stop your rubbing and I did. Oh I'm not done with you she said and soon I was facing the wall in the front room. She said nothing as I stood there. Finally told to come to her, I stood all exposed in front of her. What you need is a female your age to date, and one who would give you spankings, but until then, best understand my lap will become very familiar to you, so best be on your good behavior. I said I was not done with you and I'm not. I was given another spanking in the front room, finally taken back to my apartment. I had to clear all porn from my computer, she put a security code where I could not get on those sights. She then left, I took off the robe, looked at my bottom, relived the spanking, and soon had an erection. It was very memorable and more than I thought it would be. Yes I did get a few more spankings from her and she did introduce me to a person my age. The first time we were alone happened to be in her apartment, she smiled, went to the bedroom, came out with a hairbrush, looked at me I quickly dropped my pants, underpants, and stood there, the spanking was hard, harder than my lady friend. We are married, the spankings continue, and my computer I have access once again to spanking sights, but only under the control of my wife. It was this subject that she allowed me to contribute to. Jack

Anonymous said...

There have been so many, so I’ll go with the one I got this morning after breakfast. Irene ordered me over a pile of pillows, then thrashed me with a strap soundly. She ordered me to stay face down while she took a shower.

When she came back, she put on her bra and panties them thrashed me a second time. She finished dressing, then took the strap to my tender bottom a third time. Irene then tied me to a chair in her closet with my hot bottom pressed against the cool wooden seat of the chair. She then set a timer, cam back and released me and sent me off to work.

I’m back home now after a short day. She ordered me to write a note of apology which I’ll read to her. She’s napping and will soon wake - will punish me at least once more before pushing me onto my back and straddling my face. I can’t wait.


Terpsichore said...

my most memorable was probably my first...not because it was particularly earth-shattering...but because of the emotions and anticipations and excitement of finally being able to live something that had remained hidden for so long. :-) Hugs