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From the Top Shelf - The Paddling Booth

Today we will begin a lovely tale by the late Rollin Hand, from his collection of spanking stories, Tales from a Switch. "The Paddling Booth" is an interesting take on the traditional kissing booth found at county fairs, and its participants, all fraternity and sorority pledges, are participating with varying degrees of anticipation and nervousness. Here is part one:
Barry, Jenny, James and Chrissy, four freshman Greek pledges, waited nervously in the shaded entrance to the Pan-Hellenic Paddling Booth. They were understandably apprehensive.

Customers were beginning to notice the sign that read: "Paddling Booth". Under that it said: "Have one of our Frat guys or Sorority gals take a good 'ol fashioned paddling for charity. Ten dollars--three licks. Extra swats, $5 each." A few couples smiled and pointed. The four pledges tried to smile and at least appear cheerful as several folks strolled their way looking very interested.

"Step right up, folks," urged Steve Devlin, the Delta Tau Vice President. "Take your pick from among our four pledges here. Which one would you like to take some good old fashioned paddle swats for charity? Ten dollars, three licks. Step right up."

"Can they take more than three licks?" asked a stout matron in a flowered dress. "I would think a good fanny whacking would be more than just three swats. Lord knows my momma didn't stop at three."

"Yes, indeed," said Jane Tolliver, the Sigma Delta pledge mistress. "You plunk down the contribution and our brave pledges will take as many swats you pay for."

Inwardly the four nervous pledges groaned. It could be a long afternoon.

Barry was especially nervous. The woman in the flower print dress was none other than Mrs Hinckly, his old 8th grade teacher. He had been a little brat in her class, he recalled. She smiled and then seemed to recognize him. As her recognition grew, he saw a mirthful glint appear in her eye. Oh, shit, thought Barry.

The Clark County Fair was the biggest event of the year in rural Clark county, Texas and these four along with several of their fellow pledge brothers and sisters were slated to man the "paddling booth". This was the Pan-Hellenic Council's contribution to the county, its participation in raising money for charitable causes. The senior actives had explained the concept to an apprehensive mixed group of "volunteers"--actually pledges chosen by lot from each fraternity and sorority at Linville College.

"It's all in good fun, guys," Ron Smith, the SAE pledge master had explained. "We used to have a kissing booth, but only the girls could sell kisses for a dollar or two. But with this we can all participate."

"Ron's right," said Betty Logan, Kappa's pledge mistress. "This is our chance to show that we college guys and gals can pitch in there and help do our part to support the charities of this county. Remember, it's our county too."

The seniors explained the way it would work. During the three day fair the "paddling booth" would operate from 12 noon until 10pm. Each two hour period four pledges, two girls and two boys, would be on call to take "licks" for charity. It had seemed like a natural thing to do. After all didn't sororities and fraternities paddle pledges at initiation and for various infractions anyway? It was just an ordinary facet of Greek life. And what about hell week? Everyone knew lots of paddling went on then. So when the "paddling booth" idea was floated, everyone said, "yeah, why not?" College kids were always doing crazy stuff anyway.

Each pledge had his or her senior active member assigned to them as their "paddler". As an added spicy twist, the frat guys would paddle the sorority pledges and the sorority girls would paddle the frat pledges. There was a tent set up with an outside foyer connected to a portable structure like a trailer with 4 rooms. The idea was that the teams of actives and pledges would encourage the customers to donate by offering to take paddle swats. The nominal offering was ten dollars for three swats, but if the patron was generous, there could be more. Each swat over 3 was $5. A customer would donate ten dollars, pick a pledge, and the three of them would go into one of the rooms where the pledge would bend over and take the swats while the customer watched. Obviously if business was heavy, a pledge could take a lot of swats in two hours.

At the orientation the pledges were instructed and told what to expect.

"This will be a lot of fun," began Betty. "Really. Like, uh, slapstick comedy--you know, just ham it up. We're going to use these paddles--" and Betty held one up. "These were made for us by those great guys at Sigma Tau. They are one inch pine, so for you frat guys, they're a lot lighter than you'll get during hell week. Right Ron?"

"That's right, Betty," confirmed Ron with a smile. The volunteer pledges regarded the varnished oval paddles, which were about 15" long at the business end and 5" wide, with interest. Each had a sturdy handle. Greek letters of the various organizations on campus were burned into one side. They were glad it wasn't
to be those maple paddles.

"Now about clothing. I know that when it comes to paddling, KAT is a bare bottom house, right Mary Ann?" This last comment being directed to Mary Ann Barnes, the Kappa President. Mary Ann blushed, made a face and retorted, "Stop telling our secrets, Ron." Everyone laughed, but the rumor mill had it that big sisterly paddlings at KAT were bare bottom affairs.

"Anyway," Ron continued, "we do want all pledges clothed--but, in something tight. Wear leotards or spandex. Bikers shorts would be good, guys. We want those paddles to really pop so the customers will get their money's worth."

Betty jumped in. "Girls, if they want, can wear skirts like plaid schoolgirl type--but I'd advise full cut panties underneath."

"Or less," snorted Mary Ann. This produced some chuckles.

"Ok, or whatever," said Ron, grinning from ear to ear. "Just be ready to flip 'em up to take your licks, girls. Each frat or sorority will make their own rules. Just remember, gang, it's all for a good cause."

Each pledge had been assigned to an active who would be the one to wield the paddle. Barry was paired with Mary Ann Barnes. Mary Ann was a tall athletic brunette with gorgeous hazel eyes and great legs. It was love at first sight, although Barry knew that as Freshman scum he had no chance with the beautiful Mary Ann. The thought that he was going to bend over and present his chubby butt to her so she could paddle it was at the same time embarrassing and arousing. Barry had been fighting a low level woody since he had met Mary Ann.

Jenny Gresham had been assigned to Ron Smith, the handsome SAE senior. Her stomach was doing back flips. He was such a dishy guy, she'd love to date him. Jenny was a cute redhead with pale skin and freckles everywhere. Her long hair was tied in twin ponytails, one to each side. Jenny's curvy but slender body was clad in a white spandex shorts and halter combo. As instructed by her pledge mistress, she had worn only a thong underneath the tight outfit that outlined in revealing detail her swelling hips and cute butt. She blushed under Ron's appreciative gaze.

James Hubbard was the rich scion of a prominent family, but he didn't look so dignified now. He was dressed in embarrassingly tight blue shorts with white knee socks, a white shirt and a tie. James was youthful looking anyway, but the juvenile outfit had made him look five years younger. It had been the idea of Kirsten Gruner.

She was dressed like a schoolmarm in high heels, a tight thin skirt and a blouse with a choker collar. Kirsten had insisted that they meet before the fair opened and she had told him what to wear. James had groaned inwardly at the suggestion that he would actually have to meet his "paddle partner" prior to the fair, but his cock had stood straight up upon meeting Kirsten. She was a big creamy voluptuous girl an inch or two taller than James' 5'5" height and very pretty, a blonde with classic Nordic features.

And James had a secret. From his teens onward, he had been attracted to strong willed, commanding women. This desire had formed as a result of treatment from a hired German au pair who had lived with them for a time and who had been given charge of James at age 8. Greta had been his nanny, and although only in her twenties, she had spanked him on occasion for misbehavior. Aunt Greta, as he had called her then, had always been kind and loving, but she would not put up with his little boy naughtiness.

Greta had believed that the best cure for a naughty boy's mischief was to put him across her knee, skin down his trousers and smack his little bare fanny until the tears flowed. Then she'd sit James on her knee afterward and give him a big hug and kiss and tell him to be good.

The imprint on his psyche had been profound. He longed for the experience again, long after Greta was gone. Now, after a fashion, his fantasy was about to come true. Kirsten was every bit the dominant presence he had dreamed about.

Chrissy Canby had barely made it on time. She had been held up at cheerleader practice and as a result had not had time to change. There was no help for this since she knew that she would be severely dealt with by her pledge mistress if she were late. So, she still had on the Linville cheerleader outfit which consisted of a short white pleated skirt with green and gold trim and a matching halter top. Underneath the skirt she wore the green full cut panties that went with the uniform, but given Chrissy's prominently full and rounded bubbleshaped butt, she was afraid that the lower part of her bare hiney would be showing if she bent over. Chrissy was short, blonde, and cute with a dimpled smile and a bubbly personality. But it wasn't her personality that caught the eye of her frat partner Gary Woodburn, a tall rangy athletic guy with long sandy hair who was on the Linville baseball team. Instead, Gary was checking out the cute curvy figure in the abbreviated cheerleader outfit.

The booth was open for business.
Let the games begin! Who do you think is up first?
From Hermione's Heart


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Love the guy realising he's going to be made to suffer by his old teacher :D

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Hi Hermione,

What a great twist on the old kissing booth. Looking forward to reading more. Uh oh, poor Barry is definitely in for it!


Hermione said...

QBuzz - I like that detail too.

Roz - I think he's going to be sorry he was such a brat!


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Sorry to hear Rolling Hand had passed away. I really enjoyed his writing in the early daysof the Internet

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I really do enjoy Rollin's stories. Looking forward to reading about Barry's spanking and I hope it's from his old teacher. Thanks.


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Very good start with lots of good characters on both sides of the spanking.Femsup

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