Saturday, February 9, 2019

You Completed the Caption

Anon 1: Which one do you prefer, dear, this is shorter, don't look so serious, you know you enjoy spanking me. This will be easier to remove my panties.

Anon 2: Is this skimpy enough dear, since you seem to think I'm just the maid. Answering the door is sure going to be fun. Honey you would not! Oh yes Dear I would.

Katie: Barbara could not seem to grab the attention of her man. She decided to prance around half dressed, and ask his opinion about which maid's uniform to wear. Bill dropped his paper, couldn't take his eyes off of her, since when did she own that kind of attire? He whisked her into the bedroom.

Ronnie: You bought two. We will see which one goes back after I've spanked you.

QBuzz: Well you did want me to get a job dear... and this is the outfit Mr Wendel says I must wear when I'm cleaning his house. He's very strict as well, so don't be surprised if I come home with a red bottom in the evenings!

Shell: It wasn't a question of which would look better on her. He couldn't decide which would drape the easiest over her shoulders as she bent over for her spanking later that evening.

Anon 3:
Her: Sweetie, the ladies club is coming over later this afternoon for tea. Afterwards I’ll be going over their knees! Which maid's dress should I wear?

Him: Wear the yellow one dear it’s shorter and will be better at showing off the spanked bottom I’m about to give you!!

NoraJean: "Neither one, my dear ... to the bedroom you go. I'll have you in what you're wearing now"

Rosco: He surely took his time deciding which dress she should wear, and finally decided neither was necessary- they wouldn’t be going out.

Her: "Oh Honey, why the face? Don't you like it?"
Him (sulking): "Yeah...but I always get your hand-me-downs. I want a brand new dress of my own!"

Windy: Mr. Grey, "I am interested in one wearing those shoes while you bend over and read me that newspaper."

Hermione: But won't this dress make my butt look big?
From Hermione's Heart

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I'm all about easy access! The shorter one for sure!