Wednesday, August 14, 2019

An Introduction to Caning

Caning has become popular lately, thanks to our good friend Ronnie, who sells a high quality product from her blog. For the beginner, a cane is quite a formidable implement. Correct application of the cane is an art, and requires practice.

Abel, the Spanking Writer, has retired his blog, but he once wrote a post about caning that I think is well worth resurrecting. Here is his advice for newbie caners:
1. Practice first: get used to hitting the target by whacking pillows. (Yes, it may sound silly, but…)

2. Give a warm-up – say an OTK spanking first: it helps to make the cane strokes slightly more bearable (even though some think it’s inauthentic if you’re playing, say, a school scene).

3. Choose the right position. It’s easier to cane accurately, at least if you’re new to it, if the young lady is lying down (perhaps on a bed with a pillow under her hips to lift her bottom up – the top can then stand to the side of the bed). If not, having you bend over something (a chair back, a desk if you have one) is easier than touching-your-toes.

4. Aim at the right spot. Be careful not to whack too high (watch out for the tail bone, particularly) or too low (the crease between the buttocks and thighs is usually seen as a sensible lowest point). Some tops mark the boundaries – the first stroke at the top of the “range”, the second at the bottom, which then it makes it easier to land the remainder on target.

5. Don’t hurry. Twenty seconds or so between strokes is good, to let the impact of the stroke reach its maximum point and level out, before applying the next one.

6. Don’t “wrap”. The worst marks come if the cane tip doesn’t land on the buttocks, but goes right round onto the hips or front of the thighs. Making sure he doesn’t stand too close will help.

7. Don’t be tempted to whack too hard, or too many times, especially the first time. I know I was tempted to give my first spankee 30 of the best. Six, slowly, well-done with cuddles afterwards can be far more intense. And the cane doesn’t need to hit the ceiling on the backswing! (Whilst getting used to wielding the cane, it may also be easier to hold it some way along, thus effectively shortening its length – that can help with accuracy until he’s confident).

8. Close the windows, and put on the TV if you’re at all worried about noise travelling. You want to enjoy it together – not have a worry at the back of your minds about the neighbours hearing and calling the police to rescue the poor woman being beaten next door.

9. Have an appropriate safeword. Sounds obvious, but “no”, “it hurts”, “owwww” and “stoooopppppp” may well come out naturally – yet you may actually be enjoying it (deep down) and wanting the scene to continue. Traffic lights work well (amber = OMG it hurts, so be careful, but keep going; red = stop now).

10. Don’t panic if the odd stroke does go astray. It may well do so – even with experienced players, the odd one does!

11. Have some arnica cream handy (if you can find some), or aloe vera if not, or decent moisturiser if not, and rub it in afterwards.

12. Don’t book a session at the local spa, or in the local swimming pool with vanilla friends, for the following morning! You may have marks that might take a couple of days to fade!

And finally – have fun!

I encourage you to read the original post here. The comments provide additional advice and are quite informative.

From Hermione's Heart


Kanga said...

A great post. Thanks for re-sharing.
Hugs from Oz,
Kanga Jo xx

Fondles said...

OH the cane the cane. Love the cane. And that bit about standing at the side of the bed - totally works for us. only, the way the cane lands in a downward angle, one butt cheek usually bears the brunt of the swing - switching over to the other side midway tends to keep me (and my butt) even-tempered :)

Michael M said...

I love the cane. Menacing and yet so pleasurable as each stroke lands on the bare bottom cheeks.

Roz said...

This is great advice Hermione, thank you for sharing.


ronnie said...


Excellent introduction to the cane. Yes practice first on a cushion (not on your partner) Take your time. Thanks for sharing and thanks for the mention.


Tim . said...

Ouchies , best spanks and hugs , Tim.

Terpsichore said...

some good pointers I will have to remember in case we ever try a cane... :-) Hugs