Friday, June 26, 2020

Friday FUN

Each spring, a pair of mallard ducks comes to visit us. Until now, we have always considered them a nuisance because they settle into our backyard pond, thinking about nesting there. The pond isn't big enough for two ducks plus their brood, and there are goldfish that aren't meant to be duck sushi, so we usually frighten them away. They are very brave and not at all intimidated until we get very close, but they usually move along after several indications that they aren't wanted.

This year was no different, except that I had installed a bird feeder in the front yard. After being denied access to the pond, the ducks decided that the feeder was a good source of food, and visited regularly to snack and catch up on the latest gossip with the other patrons of the feeder: squirrels, bunnies and assorted birds.

Then one day the female arrived alone.
Mallards mate for life so we were quite concerned. What had happened to her handsome husband? Had he been hit by a car? Attacked by a fox? Flown off with some floozy? She returned each day but looked rather sad and didn't eat or chat with the other birds. I had hoped she would at least go and look after her babies, if she had any. Or maybe hubby was minding the brood while she had some girl time alone.

Whatever the reason for the male's disappearance, he finally reappeared at the feeder yesterday. There were no recriminations from Mrs. Duck, who simply seemed happy to have him back. They are there now, and I can see them both from the window as I write this.

Stay safe!
From Hermione's Heart


Roz said...

Hi Hermione,

I enjoyed reading about your quacking visitors. Glad to hear hubby returned. Love the funnies. I love watching ducks dive, always cracks (quacks?) me up lol.

Have a wonderful weekend, stay safe.


Anonymous said...

What does a sub-atomic duck say ?



ronnie said...

Lovely story about the ducks. Glad that her hubby turned up. Granddaughter loves ducks but sadly haven't been able to take her to the pond but soon.


Glenmore said...

Perhaps Mr Duck was doing corner time is was grounded ? I find the females are usually the bosses in the animal kingdom.

Erica Scott said...

I love ducks! Several years ago, we had a mama duck and her brood settle into our apartment courtyard, using the swimming pool. The manager had to eventually call animal service or whoever you call for these things, but it was such fun to see Mama strutting down the courtyard sidewalk with six babies chasing after her.

Minielle Labraun said...

Sounds so peaceful watching the ducks! I was quit worried about hubby duck! I’m so glad the have been reunited in duck love!

PK said...

I hope lady duck spanked his butt for being gone so long!

kdpierre said...

What an absolutely CHARMING post! SO refreshing.

As a teen, we once kept ducks in out house for a time after getting them for a special Easter treat for my much younger brother. The memories of that special time were rekindled by this story. Thank you.

Perhaps, given the nature of your blog, you should have posted the disclaimer: "No ducks were spanked in the making of this blog post." ?