Wednesday, June 17, 2020

Open for Business

My city is starting to relax restrictions on social interactions. Many non-essential businesses are opening, and various health care providers are once more providing health care. Each medical profession is governed by a provincial body that sets the rules for how to handle patients during the covid-19 pandemic. Here's a sample of how procedures differ, based on my own personal experience and stories told by others.

Dentist: When you arrive, there's a sign on the door instructing you to telephone the office and say you've arrived. Then you wait in your car until the office phones you and tells you to come inside. (This was all very inconvenient for my neighbour, who arrived by cab and does not carry a cell phone!)

Chiropodist: When you arrive you wait in your car until someone comes out (they assume you have kept your appointment) and waves to you to come in. Only one client at a time may be in the clinic and you must wear a mask.

Medical doctor: Observing a nearby medical clinic, I saw clients lined up outside, admitted one by one but it seemed that there were several clients inside at a time.

Optometrist: If you arrive within 10 minutes of your appointment you may go inside. You may have someone with you to drive you home. Both must wear masks.

Veterinarian: No people may go inside the clinic. If you need drugs or food, it is handed to you at the door. For treatment, the cat or dog is passed to a technician at the door and you wait outside. If there are questions to be asked, the vet phones you. All payment is done through credit cards on file.

Quite a variation! But at least we can get medical help when needed.
From Hermione's Heart


Minielle Labraun said...

In my experience, where I live, some places conscientiously follow guidelines. There are a few places that do what they need to do when patients are around, and then take off masks...Ive heard it’s not docs or hospitals but dentists etc....

Boosghost2 said...

I have to admit, watching the reopening has been interesting. Our daughter has been to the orthodontist and they have strict protocol in play. Call from the car, wait outside until somone unlocked the door. Only she went in with mask on, they had her stand in the entryway, alcohol for hands, lots of medical questions asked (which they called and asked the day before as well), temperature taken, next appointment slip given, then she was walked back to the treatment room where obviously she had to remove her mask, however everyone else was gloved and masked. Ten minutes later she was out and back in the car with alcohol for her hands. I am glad to have this in play. Makes me feel somewhat better. We will probably wait a little while longer to see how things play out before we relax our house more.

Baxter said...

I have to admit that I never have heard of a chiropodist, but now I know. So if spanking was a medically necessary procedure (LOL), I would imagine many of the same procedures would take place. mask on, hands washed, social distancing would mean a long paddle or strap? Hmmm, things to think about. LOL

Erica Scott said...

I had my hair cut/colored last week for the first time in nearly four months. I had to fill out and sign a waiver and a health questionnaire beforehand. I had to wash my hair right before going to the appointment. Text my hairdresser when I got there, and she'd come out to let me in, taking my temperature, giving me a disposable mask (she didn't want my mask to get messed up with hair product) and spritzing my hands. Instead of a cloth gown, she draped me in plastic sheeting with holes for my arms and head. She disinfected my phone and my check with a UV light device.
All this for gray roots. But I did feel safe. She said several of her clients are still afraid to come back.

PK said...

It sure is a mixed bag these days. I wasn't pleased to be the only one at the hair solon wearing a mask. One doctor is having me come to the parking lot a week early to have a covid test. I'm happier with more precautions than less.

Roz said...

Hi Hermione,

It's great news that some restrictions are able to be lifted. We are fully operational again, the only restrictions now are in relation to our borders. However, we have now had 3 new cases, all people who have just enterd the country from overseas. It seems our so called managed isolation for returning kiwis has been a shambles. Fingers crossed we don't end up with restrictions again.


ronnie said...

Interesting you have to wait in your car for appointments but I think that's a good idea. The UK will be told next week if we are to have any more restrictions lifted. Non-essential shops opened on Monday. Our dentist is still closed.


morningstar said...

Our little town only had 15 cases through the thick of it... but since we opened up and since we had a protest march - this week we have had 7 new cases!!!

I am quite happy to be tucked away in the country..... still really self isolating despite the opening of shops... only doing the food shopping when absolutely necessary with mask on...