Wednesday, June 24, 2020

From the Top Shelf - Certificate of Correction

Here is an excerpt from a very early story by Rollin Hand called "Certificate of Correction".  The setting is sometime in future when certain crimes may be expiated by accepting corporal punishment - one of my favourite storylines. The male protagonist has a girlfriend, Karen, who is a newly minted corrections officer who needs to learn how to use the new tools of her trade.
When I awoke the next morning, Karen was already up. I could hear her rustling around in the kitchen. She heard me in the bathroom and called to me, telling me to come on down for breakfast. “And don’t bother to dress!” she admonished in a sing-song lilt. I staggered downstairs in my t-shirt and boxer shorts to find Karen in a flimsy nighty bouncing about in the kitchen. At her command I sat down and was treated to a hearty breakfast served by Karen in a black negligee that hid little. My penis gave a little twitch at the sight of those luscious breasts and her jouncy rear end. I noticed that her ass seemed yet a bit pink from the previous night’s festivities. Hmmm…. I was starting to get worked up again, all right. We sat down and ate. I was eying Karen as hungrily as the eggs, and I was famished.

“Are you done?” she said over our third cup of coffee. “Because if you are, I want to continue our experiment,” she said grinning.

Mmmm boy, I thought. You bet. I want to get my hands on those pneumatic buns of hers again.

“Are you sure you are up for this again?” I said with genuine concern. “Your fanny still looks pinkish.”

“Oh, you’re not going to smack MY bottom this morning, oh no,” she said giggling.

Then it dawned on me what I had forgotten.

“Wait a minute…you don’t mean to…”

“Oh yes I do! Come on Scott. You agreed to help me. I now know what a smacking with that spanker is like … thank you very much,” she said, lifting and giving her rear end a rub, “but I also need to know how to give one.”

I choked on the coffee. “You’ve got to be kidding. You want to smack ME with that thing?”

Karen huffed, “What’s the matter, are you chicken? To take a little spanking from a girl? A strong, brave guy like you?”

I was trapped and I knew it. I mumbled a surly okay. Karen broke into a big smile, and said, “Good boy,” pinching my cheek playfully. There was silence for a moment.

“Well… no time like the present for giving my brave boy his spanking. Come with me, young man,” she said with a mock serious tone.

We got up from the table and Karen took my arm and led me into the living room where the spanker lay on the coffee table. Karen sat down and crooked her finger, grinning all the while, beckoning me to her side. I sighed and shuffled to her side reluctantly. She patted her thighs and I draped myself across her lap. She leaned over, her breasts brushing against my back, and took up the spanker.

“Lift up Scott. This is the moment of truth for all naughty boys.” I obeyed and felt her fingers in the waistband of my shorts. She tugged my boxers to my knees fully baring my hind end. A cool breeze fanned my rear as she patted it with the spanker. She gave my fanny a few more tentative taps and said: “I am going to give you what I think they call a good SOUND spanking! Now don’t move. Be brave. After all, I took mine, so you should take yours.”

Then she started to smack. She was tentative at first, and the first few spanks were tingly and somewhat pleasant. Then she really got into it, putting some force behind the blows, and my bottom started to heat up. I felt solid hard slow smacks for about the first ten then she switched to a rapid cadence for the next ten. My bottom started to really sting as she laid on smack after smack, alternating one side at a time, sometimes right across the middle. I could imagine what she looked like, a determined look on her pretty face, arm flashing in the air, breasts heaving and then bringing the spanker down with a loud smack. My body gave a jerk with each sonorous smack that landed. I gasped and wriggled. My sit-spot was heating up and I knew my buns must be getting red by now.

“How (smack!) does this (smack!) feel (smack!) Scott? “( Smack! smack! smack!)

“Oww….it stings.” I was gritting my teeth. It really did smart.

“Good.(smack! smack!). You probably deserve it for all the stuff (smack! smack!) you got away with when you (smack!) were (smack!) a kid. (Smack! smack! smack!)”
“Yeowww…ouch … ow ….ouch. That’s enough… stop!” This was bad. My ass was on fire.

“No, not yet. Tell me, is it worse with slow even spanks like this? (smack!… smack!… smack!… smack!), or fast spanks—- all at once like this?” I felt a rapid fire volley of spanks.  It felt like angry bees attacking my ass.

“Ow! They’re both bad,” I yelped, “Now for god’s sake stop!”

“Just a few more good hard ones, Scott. I’m pretending you are a naughty 16 year old truant. This(smack!) will (smack!) teach(smack!) you(smack!) to get to school(Smack! whack! swat! spank! whap!)”

“Ouch!…Hey, Karen … stop now? ok?”

I imagine I looked pretty much like a 16 year old truant, lying over her knee with a beet red bottom and howling for mercy after a good licking from the truant officer. She stopped and I hopped up off her lap rubbing my flaming buns and doing a little dance as I ooh’ed and ahh’ed. As the fire subsided to a hot glow, amazingly, my cock began to rise. I contemplated Karen’s barely concealed charms in the little nighty. Karen reached out and took my throbbing member in her hand.

“Ohhh…is this for me? Maybe there is some benefit after all to a good old fashioned spanking for you, Scott. We may have to do this again. I know it turned me on.”

And with that she stood up and doffed the flimsy nighty to reveal her glorious nakedness. While I stood she knelt and took me in her mouth until I could stand no more. I pulled her up and flung her to the couch. She was more than ready and I slid right in. We commenced to fuck furiously, building quickly to a climax. We rested awhile in each other’s arms then started up again, this time very slowly. And so it went…

We made love all weekend, just friends no more. All too soon it became Monday morning.
I hope I can find the rest of this story so we can all find out about Monday.
From Hermione's Heart


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the fun, well-told story, Hermione! Looking forward to the next chapter. Graham

Roz said...

This was a great read Hermione. I hope you are able to find the rest.


ronnie said...

Hermione, thanks for sharing this, fun. I hope you can find the ending.


Anonymous said...

The nearly inevitable results of a good spanking! Graham

Anonymous said...

I liked this sentence:

"I could imagine what she looked like, a determined look on her pretty face, arm flashing in the air, breasts heaving and then bringing the spanker down with a loud smack."

Made me smile. Because I remember my first spanking GF who loved to be spanked as it turned her (and me) on. And then one day she announced, "Your turn!", and I wound up getting my first adult spanking, and her - giving her first-ever spanking.

I remember going over her knees and waiting for her to start and get it over with. As I lay there, she put her spanking hand on my right cheek. Didn't caress. Didn't squeeze. Just...there. And I could sense something was different. And I don't think it was dominance or power. I think it was more like, "I own this." And pride. And like the writer, I'm sure she had a certain "look on her pretty face". Something that reflected ownership vs. power of dominance.

After, I asked her and all I got was a "Yeah...well, maybe", and a smile. We had a great time.