Monday, June 8, 2020

Recap: Spanko Brunch 2.0 for June 7

Tell us about your most awesome implement.

Alan: We have a full repertoire of tools including canes, straps, hairbrushes and various paddles. I have to give honorable mention to a hairbrush Aunt Kay sold on her site which is more than a half inch thick, hard wood and lethal. It took my wife some time to learn to use it effectively because it will "thud" if she does;t snap it just right. But now using it OTK she can set my bum on fire in a minute or less and I always shudder a little when I realize she is going to use it. But intimidating as that is ( and there is another large sauna brush almost as bad), nothing competes with her long handled bath -brush. I have a very healthy fear of it and almost always try to talk her out of using it ( which is never smart)When she uses it without any warmup, it literally takes my breath away. It also is the most likely to leave marks that take longer to fade.

Domhnall the Second: My Harley Davidson motorcycle. Whether I'm navigating the twists and turns in the mountains, or driving a long straight desert road listening to the low rumble of the exhaust, it holds my attention to the exclusion of all else.

Rosco: I bought Irene two leather ping pong paddles last Christmas. She loves them, so I do as well.

As all spankees know, there are different "flavors" that accompany various implements. Also, it is important that the level of intensity be right. Irene is smallish and though she is in good shape, she cannot inflict enough sting with some implements. Then again there are other implements (a carpet beater we once had for example) that is simply too intense for me.

Usually we have used leather as it is a little more forgiving than wood even if there is an errant blow now and then. Until we got the leather ping pong paddles, I had finally found her a two -tailed tawse with a round handle - the flat handled one kept flying out of her hand and across the room.

I did buy a delicious birch bundle, but it dried out.

Anyway, back to the leather ping pong paddles. Irene really likes them and relishes dishing out the discipline I seem to need - so they are my favorite as well.

Thanks for asking.

Graham: Hmmm...more than one way to interpret "awesome" I think! That said, I keep coming back to the cane. It is certainly the implement that occupies most of my fantasies and, in the hands of a woman who really knows how to wield one, it takes me over the top in a very good way!

Wendel: My hand is the best of all implements. It may not be the hardest hitting or leave long lasting marks but nothing beats directly feeling the impact on the Misses' soft bare bottom. I love feeling her bottom warm up as the spanking progresses.

KDPierre: To answer the question posed: "most awesome implement"? That would have to be a now very old and well-used "Ugly Stick" fishing rod. It is an amazing bit of technology, affording not only phenomenal casts, but incredible sensitivity to the lightest of nibbles when using a 'wacky rig', while also admirably durable when faced with a sturdy catch.......or a persistent weed snag.

As for spanking implements? I suppose our "go to" home made lucite paddle sees the most action. ;-)

Roz: We used to have a flogger, which was more of a novelty item than a 'real' flogger. It was such a diverse implement, capable of reaching many different places lol and either packed a mighty punch, or was lovely, depending on how it was being used.

Prefectdt: The most awesome implement that I have ever been on the receiving end of did not belong to me, it belonged to a professional German Mistress who's skills I had the fortune of experiencing a few times in the early part of this century.

It was a short (about 1.3 meters) single tailed whip. It was quite thick and of a woven construction that made it flexible but stiffer than most single tails. On the receiving end, it was very painful but in a good and tolerable sort of way and had the semi flexibility that put it between a cane and a softer whip. As in it gave an even pain stripe across the buttocks or back unlike the endy pain of a fully flexible whip, whilst not being as unrelentingly sharp as a rattan cane. And it had a wonderful balance between sting and thud.

Why did I not buy one of my own? Well I considered it but having heard the price of this hand crafted item (I forget precisely how much but I remember it was several hundreds of Euros) it became clear to me that it was an unjustifiable use of my budget when compared to the amount of use that it would get. Like Domhnall The second and KDPierre I have many interests and cannot devote every spare cent to spanking.

A.J.: I'm with Wendel - my hand.

"What gives it that special quality?"

Heh-heh-heh.... Properly applied it has some amazing talents!

Bonnie: As Graham observes, the word "awesome" has multiple interpretations. We have been collecting all sorts of spanking implements for decades. We now have almost too many. For the purposes of our brunch, I choose to define awesome as the implement that I want him to use most often.

Our awesome implement is a thick, semi-flexible brown leather paddle with a roundish blade. It's perfect for OTK. It provides the recipient with a nice sting and lots of toasty redness. Getting a spanking with this paddle hurts plenty while it's happening, but it fades fairly quickly. Then just when I think it's all over, I feel that little telltale twinge that reminds me, "Oh, yeah, I got spanked."

Hermione: The implement that is most effective in a good way for me is the dogging bat. Ron uses it in many different ways: rapid-fire flicks, gentle brushes, or solid swats. It would be my choice to take with me to a desert island.

Thank you all for a great conversation! Stay safe!
From Hermione's Heart

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ronnie said...

For me it's the cane. When the cane is mentioned people often think hard, punishment but it doesn't always have to be that way. It can give various sensations, arousing and sexy. Lovely.

I like the sound of your windspinner.