Sunday, November 8, 2020

Spanko Brunch 2.0 #356

Welcome, one and all, to our regular weekend brunch. I think yesterday's news is cause for celebration. Three cheers for democracy!

Because of covid, travel is impossible for most of us. But it's nice to think about and plan for, tomorrow when the world is free (thank you Dame Vera).

When you travel, what spanking toys do you take with you? How do you make your choices of what to take? Do you have concerns about your luggage being inspected?

As always, please leave your response as a comment. Once everyone has had a chance to join in, I will publish an edited summary of our conversation.

From Hermione's Heart


Fred said...

If I am in the RV I can take anything with no worries. Travelling by air I usually take pervertibles. Anyone inspecting my luggage would find brushes, wooden spoons, belts.

Baxter said...

When we travel by air, I always wear a belt. I usually don't wear a belt with jeans, but I make this concession just so my wife has something handy to spank me with, because I typically do or say something that warrants a spanking.

QBuzz said...

I agree, the thick leather belt around my waist is all the spanking implements we need when travelling :D

Joe said...

I wear a wide belt as well but also have a wood paddle in my luggage,etc them think what they want

Roz said...

Hi Hermione,

My answer is a boring unfortunately. Travel doesn't happen that often so implements aren't really thought about when packing.


Barrel said...

We have a hair brush that travels with us when spanking may be possible. Additionally, a small, blue rubber slapper that she uses when she wants to carefully spank in tight areas. It is perfect in that it does not make too much noise and stings like crazy. Ideal when we cruise.

Anonymous said...

My wife almost always has a hairbrush with her in the car (too large for her purse) and sometimes a paddle she keeps under her seat. We are pretty bold or lucky when flying as she routinely lacks a paddle and a strap and we have never been asked about it. (Not in carry on though). I think Homeland Security must see plenty disciplinary “tools”, so it is probably not much of a big deal for them. She rarely has to spank me when traveling but knowing her instruments of “ass- destruction” are handy explains some of that

WendelJones said...

When air traveling we would pack a hair brush and paddle and attached a sticky note to each saying : "Used for Spanking". I was always hoping to open the suit case at our destination and find that a TSA screener had added the comment: "Give it too her good". When traveling by car we pack whatever we want. Never know when a road side spanking might be needed.

ronnie said...

P's taken different implements over the years. Green garden canes (which we leave behind) leather tawse, short cane and the rose leather paddle. He always seems to find something at the place we are staying to use.



I travel in my campervan and it is always inspected when I travel on a ferry to the UK, so I never put obvious toys in there, just in case I forget to remove them before heading to a ferry terminal. At the back of the spare bed sheets cupboard I do keep a selection of pervertables. They are there so that they do not accidentally get used for anything else. They include some belts, a ruler, hair brushes and large spoons, wooden and silicone headed. I do worry that one day someone might enquire why someone as follically challenged as myself is in possession of three hair brushes though.


Anonymous said...

This is mostly an issue when one is taking public transportation of some form. Gone are the good ol' days when we could pack almost anything in checked baggage! Now when we're away it is usually the hand, a small hairbrush or a wide belt. All serve the purpose just fine when needed! Graham

Bonnie said...

Ah, I miss travel. Maybe next year.

When we travel together for pleasure, we always pack implements. If we are traveling by car, the only limitations are practical ones. There is only so much room for luggage and even out of town, we don't want to haul a spanking bench into our hotel. Otherwise, a full complement of implements and sex toys go along.

When we fly, it's a different matter. Spankings still happen, of course, but they are more likely to involve pervertables. We have a curved handled solid wood brush that has punctuated quite a few vacations over the years. Ever resourceful, Randy has been known to find pervertables in the room or during our travels. I can attest that the little plastic rod used to adjust blinds really hurts when it strikes your bottom.

Anonymous said...

We’re traveling right now and didn’t bring anything as we’re staying with kids and grandkids after a few days quarantine. But if there’s an opportunity, Irene might grab a leather belt or find something.

I’m not worried about what TSA might find. Who cares? But would be embarrassed if friends or especially family found out.


Anonymous said...

It is not a spanking tool, my brings brings the large hairbrush, bath brush does not pack well. Oh and she could care less if others hear me getting spanked in a hotel, she saids it adds to the punishment. Jack