Sunday, November 1, 2020

Spanko Brunch 2.0 #355

Trick or treat! This year, Hallowe'en may not be as much fun as usual, but isn't staying safe more important than a few candies? Sure it is. Besides, we can have fun indoors (wink, wink, nudge, nudge).

Does your spanking technique, or the technique of your top, include specific patterns? For example, is a left, right, left, right pattern usual? Maybe several swats on one side, then the same number on the opposite one? Or a careful top to bottom approach might be the habit. Please describe your favourite pattern.

Please leave your response as a comment, and I will publish an edited summary of our conversation once all the candy has been unwrapped and enjoyed.

From Hermione's Heart


Bonnie said...

My husband Randy enjoys changing up the spanking pattern to keep me wondering when and where the next swat swat will fall. He may start with a simple left-right pattern in 4/4 time. But before I can get accustomed to this rhythm, he'll switch to four or five or ten swats of increasing intensity on one cheek followed by a similar number on the other. If he wants to hear me scream, this technique works reliably. When he detects that I am mentally hunkering down to weather the storm, he brings out his specialty - a syncopated pattern where he randomly varies strike location, delay, and intensity with each swat. At that point, my only real choice is to hold on tight and take my punishment.

WendelJones said...

Happy Halloween Hermione.
I never gave any thought to a pattern. For spankings, it usually goes from side to side since I cannot cover the Misses' bottom all in one swat. We have a longer paddle which covers the entire bottom. The smaller paddle requires side to side spanks. When the Misses spanks, I cannot say I am focusing on a pattern. I concentrate more on the sting from the spankings.

Roz said...

Rick likes to ensure equal coverage on both sides lol. He does like to keep me guessing, but there is often a pattern of a number of swats on one side followed by the same number on the other side.


Simon said...

If I'm the one spanking I don't think I have a pattern as such. I try to ensure that the whole bottom is covered and perhaps some for the top of the thighs but that's about it. If using a cane I try to make sure that the lines are equally spaced and as near as possible horizontal.

Anonymous said...

My wife does not have a pattern but when done each cheek is equally spanked. She always starts with her hand and until recently the hairbrush was next. My mother-in-law knows that I'm spanked, actually encouraged her daughter to spank me. My mother-in-law seeing me getting spanked felt the hairbrush was not doing the job and purchase a bath brush, she got to see it in action, and boy does it get my attention. Spankings are for punishment, not sexual. Always over her lap, always on the bare bottom, and depending of what I did determines how long the spanking and how long I must face the wall. Jack

Barrel said...

My wife seems to spank in sets of 20, occasionally 25, almost always alternating left to right to left, and so on. I know this because I’ve learned to count so I know when a break should be coming. When using the strap, she seems to work to equally cover both cheeks, and she tells me she really likes just the right amount of wrapping around on to the sides of my hips, which I hate. When we have a long session and I am secured to the bench, she will use the tawse and whip, again in sets of 20, from either side of my head, down and slightly diagonally trying to land each tail in the cleft of my bottom or into my crack. Perhaps not surprising, after 40 years of practice, she is very adept in whipping me with back hand strokes that are as intense as forehand.


My top changes from spanking to spanking, I am happy to try all their techniques :)