Saturday, November 14, 2020

You Completed the Caption

Jack: The time frame of this picture I would suppose a trip to the woodshed would happen. The mistress might do the spanking, but the master of the house will do the spanking, the walk back from the woodshed willing to bet, her very red spanked bottom will be on display. 

KDPierre: Priscilla learned early that you don't need to break a sweat dusting if you're young, cute, and willing to spread your legs for your employer.

Bernie: "I wonder if the spanking will hurt as much as it says in the story. I hope so!"

 QBuzz: Maisey is about to find out that flashing your stocking-tops in an attempt to lure the master into your bed is a whippable offence in this household...
And then afterwards the master will take her to bed anyway!

Anon: The mistress's diary makes for fascinating reading, especially the parts about the many times and varying ways the master spanks, paddles and canes her ... not to mention what they get up to after he's warmed her bottom. I wish I could convince my boyfriend to take me in hand the way the master does the mistress.

Rosco: Fifi’s in for it, lolling about sans bloomers when there’s work to be done. She knows better, doesn’t she. Does she actually want her plump bottom whipped? So it seems.

Wendel: After I give Master Edward his 18th birthday spanking he can spread open his birthday present. 

Simon: How many times do I have to tell you young lady, it's a chaise longue not a chaise lounge, clearly I will have to spank you again.

Baxter: It is almost the weekend, when the master and mistress will add up my demerits. Once that is done, they will call me into the den, strip me, strap and paddle me and then we collapse into a menage a trois. Ooooh, I love the weekends.

Hermione: Why, mistress! Your diary contains some very revealing secrets. Now, about that raise...

From Hermione's Heart

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