Monday, November 16, 2020

Recap: Spanko Brunch 2.0 for November 15

Do you ever have spankings for no reason?

Yorkie: All my spankings are “Just because” I want one. Simple as that. 

Rosco: We pretend. Long ago we agreed it was only a fun thing, and Irene would never spank me if she was really angry with me. That said, she says she does like to make it hurt.

But we don’t just do it. We make something up, usually a role play thing. I play myself, but she’ll play herself, or “Laura” (her middle name), or a sorority girl or a senorita or a southern belle or a fraulein etc. Usually I’ve been caught peeking up girls' dresses or into the locker room or stealing panties. For that I am punished on and off for an hour or two, then we have intense cunnlingus followed by intercourse.

Anon: Absolutely! Both directions. 

Wendel: Yes. There are times when I just feel like spanking the Misses. She always looks shocked when I tell her to drop her pants as I take off my belt. After a good whipping she will just lay quietly with her sore bottom exposed for a while. The favor is returned often. I acted surprised but I am actually thrilled to be getting a sore bottom.

Joe: I get spanked just because I want it, a reason is made up sometimes just for fun. 

Roz: When we had an active dynamic spanking was a mixture of discipline, role affirmation and just for fun. There doesn't necessarily have to be a reason. Nowadays any spanking is purely for fun.

Simon: Whether giving or receiving spankings I'm always doing it for the enjoyment of myself and the person I am spanking and that's the only reason.

Jack: My wife has spanked me when I've done nothing wrong. A reminder to be good would be her reason.

Prefectdt: The only reason that I need to get a spanking is that I really, really want to get a spanking.

And the vast majority of my spankings have either been "Just Because" or for a non real reason, thought up to fit into a pleasantly painful roleplay situation. 

sub hub in phx: Yes. It is not uncommon for Mistress K. to spontaneously decide on the spot to give me a spanking. Usually they are playful and sting a little. Sometimes they are really playful and sting a lot.

Baxter: I get spanked because I want to be spanked. My wife plays along and her only rule is the number of spanks has to be a prime number. 

Alan: Yes there has to be a reason although she makes that call. We have only used disciplinary spanking, so “funishments” and other erotic games are not a part. But fairness is her north star so she decides the reason a spanking must happen through that prism of fairness. Whether I agree that it is “fair" or not is not relevant to whether it happens. Although she encourages discussing afterward if we are not on the same page, we usually are.

Ronnie: Yes, P spanks just because. Always fun.

Bonnie: Randy doesn't need a reason to spank me beyond just because, but it's more fun when there is a reason. Even a flimsy reason (Tuesday) or a contrived reason (attractive leggings) makes spankings more effective and meaningful.

Barrel: We don’t need a reason, but I usually provide one. It is often my need to feel submissive, so I ask for one. However, my most common reason is stress relief, when a good thrashing provides the appropriate cure.

Hermione: I must answer "no" to that one, because there is always a reason. We we both enjoy them, and they are our main form of foreplay; those are two very good reasons!

Stay safe, everyone!
From Hermione's Heart

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