Wednesday, May 5, 2021

Just Right!

Our house is a split-level, and that means that on the bottom floor we only have half a real basement with a reasonably high ceiling. In the other half, we have what's known as a crawlspace. There, the ceiling is only about 4 feet high, and that makes it hard to get around. Twice a year, I have to make several trips hauling out the Christmas decorations, then a month later, dragging them all back in again. The same goes for our gardening paraphernalia, plus many occasional trips to find various little-used items stored there. It's really hard on my back, as you can imagine. There must be a better way.

I took a look in one of our favourite online shops, Wayfair, and their slogan, "We have just what you need" is right. I found this adjustable saddle stool at a very reasonable price. Its low height means I can propel myself around the cramped space with little effort.

 You might think as I do that the saddle is slightly kinky, but that design means I won't accidentally slip off. It would not be useful for any kind of spanking activity because, with five wheels, the first stroke would whisk me far out of range. But here are some more appropriate stools.

Then there are even more effective spanking benches.

I didn't see any of those on Wayfair, and perhaps it's just as well. We don't have room for one, except in the crawlspace.

Stay safe!
From Hermione's Heart


Anonymous said...

My wife has the Bath Brush she uses to spank me hanging on the hall wall, under it, it states 'Mommy Helper' if asked, she tells them, the best spanking brush on the market for naughty husbands, and she adds, I mean naughty little boys. Jack

Anonymous said...

Some of those spanking benches look great - I’d like one that c dales me head. But who has room and NEVER has anyone visiting who would see it. In our case, it’s our grown children if nobody else.


Baxter said...

So you may be contemplating getting your significant other into the crawl space and giving you a spanking? It could be a challenge, what with only 4' headroom, maybe not enough space to swing a cane or paddle. LOL


morningstar said...

that stool on wheels is brilliant!! In my last home there was a crawl space and I hated it!! now if I'd had a stool like that ....

as for the spanking benches -- I've never actually liked them... they always seem to poke my body in one weird place or another.. mind you - if we had had the space - and the money - I used to know someone who would make custom fitted spanking bench :)

PK said...

Very interesting stool ideas. I'd want to at least try each one out.

Roz said...

Very interesting pieces of furniture. Love the stool on wheels.


Unknown said...

stool looks good, but the naughty bench would indeed be more fun
bottoms up