Sunday, May 16, 2021

Spanko Brunch 2.0 #383

Hello everyone, and welcome to our weekly spanko discussion. I hope you are all eager and ready for this week's topic.

Have you ever been brought to tears (or brought your partner to tears) during or after a spanking? What caused the tears: pain, remorse, emotional release, or something else? Does it happen often, or is it a rare occurrence?

Please leave your response as a comment, and I will publish an edited summary of our discussion once everyone has had an opportunity to join in.
From Hermione's Heart


Anonymous said...

"Have you ever been brought to tears (or brought your partner to tears) during or after a spanking?"

No. And yes.

Tears are an emotional response, so without an emotional connection, no matter how severe - no tears.

I said "No" because me and my play-pals only spank for the fun and sexiness of it all.
I have never been spanked to tears.
(Some serious yelling and cursing; sure, but only on a couple still-memorable occasions when I deserved it.)

I say yes because - ONE TIME - she asked me to give her a real spanking.
"Real" as in "hard."
She was having emotional conflicts in other parts of her life and thought a hard spanking would help.

I said "No!"

So I reluctantly did. With a hairbrush of hers.
When I thought she had PLENTY, she asked for more. (Maybe I'm not a good spanker...?)
God. I did.
Her bottom was soon a bright, bright red.
And then it was over.
If she asked for more I'm pretty sure I would have refused.

She got off my lap furiously rubbing her tush.
While she didn't have tears, her eyes were certainly tear-filled (does that count?)
Comforting her after was nice.

The big question - "Did it help?"
In the short term...I think it did.
It diverted her attention for a while.

Long term, I don't think it did. The underlying issues don't go away because someone got spanked.


Bonnie said...

It has happened, but it's a rare occurrence. If I cry during a spanking, it isn't because of the pain. More likely, it reflects the sudden release of pent up emotions.

Roz said...

Tears during or after a spanking are rare for me too. It has happened on the odd occasion and usually just a few tears, no full on cry and brought on by a combination of the pain and emotion.


WendelJones said...

The Misses has had an occasional tear in the eye after I spank her. Like the others it is probably an emotional release.

Fondles said...

ONCE. And i think it was just stress relief. I had been going thru a very very tough period with the parents' sickness etc and everything was just wound up tight inside me. For some reason that spanking just released all the pressure. It wasn't even meant to be a reset or anything. Just one of our playtime spankings, if i remember correctly. It *was* pretty intense play tho.

Anonymous said...

My wife insures I'm crying when she is done, the spanking must hurt to be effective. Her mother told her not to hold back, hairbrush will bring the proper results, my wife now uses a bath brush which really gets my attention. Jack

Anonymous said...

No. Sometimes I crave a really long and hard spanking, so I’ll pout and sass to make sure I get it. Irene generally goes with my signals, but sometimes she wants/needs to feel my mouth between her legs so discipline may be curtailed. But I’ve never cried from a spanking.

I do cry plenty for other reasons.


Anonymous said...

Only twice, and neither time desired. Once was the first time as the force of the spanking surprised her. Once was a punishment paddling after she had acted up, and I knew this would be her most intense paddling. In case one, it was sobbing, in case two, full fledged crying. I did stop in case 2, at that point.

In case 1, I paused a few times that otk session, each time she either sobbed (once) or was on the verge to, so she could regain composure while staying in position. I had her counting spanks, so could hear in her voice when it was getting difficult to stay composed.

ronnie said...

I cried once when I was being spanked and P telling me off about something I did which I shouldn't have. Spanking alone wouldn't make me cry.



I have never cried real tears during a spanking but I have in post spanking corner time, on several occasions. Not the kind of corner times when the spanker has stayed with me and talked or cajoled me but ones where, after a spanking, I have been left in the corner and the spanker has walked away. There is something about going from being the intense centre of someone's attention to being abandoned that really gets to me. I just feel so alone and isolated, that I get a negative emotional flush


Barrel said...

Nope, never any tears. Although I do admit to a sense of satisfaction after a robust thrashing, so if I had them, they would be tears of joy.

My only reactions are being unsteady on my feet and purged of stress. Endorphins???