Monday, May 10, 2021

Recap: Spanko Brunch 2.0 for May 9

Did you play spanking games as a child?

Roz: I have had a fascination with spanking since childhood and I do recall a couple of occasions where spanking played a small part in play with friends, usually a game where one of us was a parent and the other the child. We were never 'discoverd' by the adults.

I can only recall once when I was spanked as a child, my mother may occasionally deliver a slap to the leg otherwise, a short sharp jolt.

KDPierre: In my grammar school there were two spanking games that were played right out in front of everyone and no one blinked an eye: Hot Beans (essentially hide and seek with a belt) and S.P.U.D. (a ball game where errors earned letters and a completed "SPUD" earned a trip through the legs of all the players who whacked your behind as you crawled under them). We even played SPUD in gym class under the eye of the gym teacher.

I also recall playing a spanking game with a friend who ran home after getting whacked. Spankings were so common in the neighborhood and at school that games associated with it were not even a blip on any adult's radar. 

Wendel: I was fascinated with spanking when I was a child. The girl 2 houses down was interested in spanking as well. We always joked about spanking the loser of board games. On a couple occasions when we were left alone we followed through with the threat. The loser would bare the bottom and go over the winner’s lap. A sound spanking was given. Thankfully we were never caught.

Mom always spanked on the bare bottom so I would peek when she gave my sister spankings. One day I got caught and mom spanked me with the paddle until I could not sit. She let my sister watch from down the hall.

Anon: Me and a boy a couple of houses down played spanking games and scenes for years. Until one day when we were both fourteen and our fathers were wondering what we were doing in garage and caught both of us with our pants and underpants off. Our fathers were livid, to say the least, and after we explained ourselves, I was ordered to go to the house, pants off, and get the razor strop. I was then forced to watch my friend's father blister his butt raw before it was my turn, and we never thought about spanking each other again after they were done with us.

But 52yrs. later we still joke and kid each other about hidings we got that day.

Baxter: I was spanked maybe once or twice by my parents, even tho I deserved more. But I never, to my recollection, had spanking games with my friends. I do remember that we used to pull our pants down and rub our bare bottoms together and laugh like hell about it. I did however indulge in self spankings with a couple of bread boards my mom had in the kitchen. During the week when dad was at work and mom would go up to the garden, I would take the paddles into the living room in front of a mirror and give myself a lot of spanks. I enjoyed the sight of me spanking myself and then looking at my red bottom. This was probably when I was around 10 or 12. I also would go to the newsstand in town when mom was at the grocery store and look through the porn for spanking pictures, even though I told my mom I was looking for model railroad magazines. This would have been in the late 60s. 

Bonnie: Yes, then as now, I thought about spankings every single day. I would occasionally steer play with friends toward spankings, but these friends didn't share my fascination.

Prefectdt: No there were no real spanking games that come to mind from my childhood. Perhaps the UK in the 1970s and early 80s was a bit boring on that front.

Bernie: I didn't have any experience with spanking games with other kids. My deal was seeing if I could get the strap at school (not too many strokes on each hand, mind you). I also wondered what a serious spanking from my Dad would be like, but never tested that boundary.

Hermione: Those were my favourite games. With or without a playmate, I was a stern schoolmistress who administered multiple spankings to idle teddies and mischievous dolls. Sometimes spanking would be introduced into games of "house" with friends or cousins, and we were always careful that adults never saw us, in case it gave them ideas. I was never on the receiving end; I always preferred to be the domme. How times have changed! Spankings were also part of birthday parties, and everyone joined in.

Stay safe, everyone!
From Hermione's Heart

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