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Recap: Spanko Brunch 2.0 for May 30

Tell us about the room(s) where your spankings occur.

Anon: As a college girl, I dreamed of marrying a wealthy man who would call me into his study whenever I was naughty. He'd punish me over his desk, or bent over an overstuffed leather chair. But reality supplanted this fantasy.

I much prefer living in our modest suburban home because I've been spanked in every room in the house. I've felt the bath brush on my wet bottom fresh out of the tub in the bathroom, gotten stiff spankings in the kitchen with the spatula and wooden spoon and wire whisk. Our living features a big white couch. When my lover bends me over its arm for discipline, I stick my bared butt out high so none of my arousal will stain the upholstery, so I've gotten some really memorable spankings and strappings there. The unfinished basement seems like a woodshed; I've been made to bend across the washing-machine to have my tush warmed down there on a frequent basis. We keep a flyswatter and a Swiffer duster plastic handle there for use on my backside. I was once ordered to go nude into our privacy-fenced-in backyard to cut a switch and get a whipping while leaning against a tree trunk. The bedroom is where I get most of my spankings, whether for punishment or pleasuring. Whether it's with any of the variety of our belts, my Conair wooden/boar bristle hairbrush, my Top's hard hand, my butt has felt them all. Sometimes I'm made to bend over in the center of the room, sometimes kneeling on a chair, often draped across my man's knee while he's sitting on the edge of the bed. Because we both find his spanking me sexy as can be, fortunately, we usually end up in bed, wherever I've been attended to throughout the house.

Bonnie: For us, different spankings tend to occur in different rooms. The quickie sort of spankings typically happen in the living room, either with me bent over the back of the couch or across Randy's lap while he is seated on the couch. The sexy kind of spankings that inevitably lead to other fun quite naturally tend to happen in the master bedroom. For the serious sort of spankings, we often find our way to the basement where we have a bench and other equipment dedicated to punishments.

With that said, my man absolutely loves to get me into one headspace and then without warning change the game. That can mean hard canings upstairs in the bedroom or vibrators in the living room, and everything in between. The only thing I know for certain is that it will hurt to sit afterward.

Wendel: My favorite place to spank the Misses is the kitchen. A chair in the middle of the floor is all that is needed. My mom always gave spankings in the kitchen so it kind of stuck as the room where it should happen but I will spank the Misses anywhere in the house without hesitation. 

The Misses is open to spank me in any room but tends to favor the bedroom the most. We both enjoy the outdoor spanking but it has to be secluded. 

Roz: Our spankings are primarily in the bedroom. However, the impromptu, fun kind of spanking cssn often occur in the living room.

Jack: Mostly in the bedroom. Depends on how naughty I have been, my wife will either pull down my pants and underpants and proceed with the spanking, or I'm told to go to the bedroom, undress, and wait for her. She has had me waiting as long as thirty minutes. After all spankings, I'm taken to the front room, told to face the wall.

Barrel: Always in the bedroom due to the intimacy that usually follows. We normally go together. The only exception is if we plan a session and I am required to go back first to prepare the bench. We are planning an outdoor session now that the weather is warmer.

Rosco: Usually it’s in the bedroom. Our downstairs has some windows without curtains.

I am sent there to wait, often instructed to open the box of toys (implements, restraints etc). Irene will whip or paddle me, then put the leather cuff on my hands and tie them to the bed so I have very limited mobility. Then she’ll spank me again.

Usually she’ll leave me tied with a hot bottom for a half hour or so. I get bored but also exquisitely excited. When she returns, she’ll dress up a bit while she lectures me. After one more spanking, she’ll lower her bottom and pussy on my face (what I call reverse cowgirl cunnilingus). After she comes, she’ll catch her breath then scratch me up with her fingernails and finally fuck my lights out.

There’s variation of course and not every spanking leads to sex. But we both find this routine to be wonderfully intense and satisfying.

CK: When spontaneous punishment is called for, it's often in the kitchen. I'm ordered to strip (if I'm not already naked) and bend over the counter. My wife will spank me with a wooden or silicon spatula, though she'll sometimes make me wait while she gets the hairbrush. Usually once it's done, it's over and I'm sent on my way.

For more planned discipline, she'll generally sit on our bed and I'll lay across her lap for a strapping or hairbrushing. In these situations, I often get a chance to thank her properly afterwards.

Ronnie: Our spanking take place anywhere in the house but more in our little office. If it's in the office, P will usually go first and tell me to follow him in however many minute he says.

A.J.: "Do your spankings occur in a specific room?"
Pretty much always the bedroom. Spur-of-the-moment spankings can be anywhere and always fun and laughs.

"If so, is there a special protocol for using that room?"
No. But you CAN do a lot of fun things in a bedroom that may be "Awkward!" in another room.

"Does the spankee or the spanker go there first, or do you both go together?"
Most of the time together.

"Why was that room chosen?"

(Slips Hermione a sly side-eye....)

Prefectdt: "Do your spankings occur in a specific room?" That gave me a laugh :) My spankings do not even happen in a specific town. I think that I will sit this discussion out and enjoy reading the other entries.

Bernie: We have a guest room where nearly all spankings occur. It's as far from the master besroom as we can possibly be. We use it so that the dogs don't get stressed.

The room is set up such that I can be bent over the footboard of the bed or lying on it on my stomach. There are two very large, thick pillows to keep my butt well in the air, if I'm lying down.

I'm sent to the room wheb the spanking is going to occur. I undress to the extent that I'm told and then wait standing, facing away from the door. Upon her arrival, I am told the position to take. She usually has two, or three implements to use. The swats arrive with me never knowing how many, or with what,

I say thank you, afterwards and we hug. I then look forward to the next one/

Happy spankings to you all, whether you are the giver or receiver.

Bkvgs: My female partner usually punishes me in the living room. Whenever I have been naughty (as she calls it) she says "punishment position" and that means I have to strip (keep my female panties that she makes me wear on) and then I have to stand in the corner, face to the wall. She makes me wait (sometimes even an hour to build up the tension) calls me over, lowers my panties and over her lap I go.
Depending the offence I then get a serious spanking with hand followed by paddle, or strap or hairbrush, she won’t stop until she thinks I got the point and I can’t sit down properly for anything from 1 to (very rarely) 3 or 4 days and she will not stop before I cry.

It is then back in the corner for a long time so that she can admire her work....although I hate these sessions, it definitely makes me a better person and I love her to pieces for improving my attitude. No sex that day for me, but the next day she usually fucks my brains out. 

Baxter: I get spanked wherever we are and that can be in the kitchen, bedroom, or our camper. There are implements in various places of the house. 

Red: Almost all spankings are delivered in our bedroom, unless an on-the-spot bare your bottom in the kitchen. Happily (or sadly), I am much better in the kitchen and now receive praise instead of spankings. Almost always we go to the bedroom together, where I close the windows, and the blind if at night.

Hermione: We almost always use the bedroom, for several reasons. The bed is very convenient for erotic aftercare. Bending over the end of the bed is my favourite position. All our implements are either under the bed or in the room next door, so are conveniently at hand. Finally, the room is the farthest away from the dogs' crates, and when the door is closed they can't hear us and we can't hear them.

Thank you all for participating this week. Stay safe!

From Hermione's Heart

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Tomy Nash said...

Not exactly replying to which room, but to the description of being made to wait in the designated room.

I can recall exactly what it felt like to be waiting in the designated room, occasionally in the corner, but most often in the position she ordered. It was so aggravating to be left in there waiting, while she casually went about whatever she felt like doing.

Of course once the first stroke of whatever she brought in with her landed I dearly wished to be back waiting instead.