Sunday, June 6, 2021

Spanko Brunch 2.0 #386

Welcome one and all to our regular weekend discussion. This week I am turning the clock back to Bonnie's first ever brunch. It was called The Open Mike Spanko Brunch, and the response from her readers was very enthusiastic. Bonnie asked three different sets of questions, so today I'm using the first set, and will use the other two in the weeks to come.

Do you love your spankings? Do you hate them? Both or neither? Do you wish for spankings? Or do you pray to avoid them?

If any of Bonnie's original brunch guests are still around, please step forward and introduce yourself to our group. We would love to meet you!

Please respond by leaving a comment or by sending me an email. I'll publish an edited summary of our conversation once everyone has had a chance to speak.

From Hermione's Heart


Roz said...

When we had wn active dynamic most of the time it wasn't the spanking itself that I loved but the aftermath. The heat and glow and feeling of closeness and connection. The only spankings I loved were thr light sexy kind.

As for spankings I wanted to avoid, that would have to be maintenance spankings, mainly as they used to include naked kneeling which I hated at the time.


Yorkie69 said...

I love my spankings. I love every part of them from the anticipation of one to the magnificent after glow, including every single swat of the hair brush and stroke of the cane. A complete high from start to finish and a subsequent boost to my libido!

Bonnie said...

All these years later, it's still all love here. Even if I may not enjoy certain aspects, the net result is positive and deeply desired.

Anonymous said...

I love them and crave them. But I do think over time they’ve become even more important to Irene.

She thrashed my bottom with two powerful leather whips yesterday. Both hurt like the dickens, but within seconds I wanted more. The thin whip (a quirt from Teskey) delivers a sharp sting that satisfies like cold lemonade on a hit summer day. And it leaves nice welts but no bruises.


WendelJones said...

It is like the MEMEs say: ”Funny how things change with age. I used to hate taking naps and being spanked”
We love spankings and would not change a thing.

ronnie said...

Yes I need to be spanked. I love it all, the anticipate, the spanking and the heat and glow my bottom has after.



I do love my spankings. I do wish for spankings. I get the odd bad one, now and then but that is going to happen. My main complaint about my spankings is that there is not enough of them.


Anonymous said...

I love to be spanked. The lead up and the afterglow are wonderful. The more the merrier, and the longer the better. However, during the spanking I used to wonder why I wanted this, but now, the spankings are stronger, so no time to think, just a sore the spanks.
Bottoms up

Barrel said...

I love it too, that’s why I asked my wife to start spanking me over 40 years ago. The build up messes with my mind which is a treat. The spanking is wonderful, no matter how hard and long. I marvel how unsteady on my feet I am after a thorough thrashing. Ah yes, the aftercare. Always the best when she asks me what implement was the best and promises more of that one next time.

Joe said...

I have had a life long desire for spanking and look forward to every spanking. Each spanking relieves any stress I may have and really gets me going. The warm stinging after is incredible. Sometimes I want more then T can deliver but I always feel better.