Monday, June 21, 2021

Recap: Spanko Brunch 2.0 for June 20

What makes a good spanking?

Roz: A 'good' spanking for me is a sexy, fun spanking at just the right intensity. The more I can feel it afterwards, and see the results the better also.

Rosco: A good lecture, perhaps demanding apologies and confessions and promises. Intense but not severe. Maybe three spankings, each with 30 or so swats, over the course of a hour. Leather, rather than wood - strap or quirt, unless a fresh switch is available.

Irene wearing an attractive dress or skirt. Hands on hips or shaking a finger while scolding me. Dragging me by the ear. Tying me to the chair in her closet and closing the door as I await the next round.

Thanks for asking. We’re traveling, visiting kids, so we’re overdue. Wednesday or Thursday can't come soon enough.

Joe: The best spanking would have me tied face down on the bed with a couple of pillows under my hips. T starting off with a hand warm up then switching to the wood paddle, using that until my bottom is completely bright red. Next comes the table used until my entire bottom and top of my legs has felt its wrath finished by a swats of the belt. All intense but not severe to be felt for a couple days. With a nice reward for her for a job well done.

Barrel: A good spanking for me starts with the planning so I know what is coming and when. This allows me to mentally get my mind ready for the thrashing that she is thinking about. It continues with a brunch or intimate lunch where my wife elevates the mental game by further describing what she has planned. That is probably my favorite part. Thereafter, I prepare the bench with pillows, pool towels and restraints. My second best part is when she takes me by the hand, leads me to the bench, looks me in the eye and tells me she wants to whip and cane me, so over I go. The sting and fire imparted by each implement are tolerated but immediately followed with satisfaction that I have taken another lash. As I breath through the beating, I welcome the heat and invite the pain in.

Hugs are a welcome finish when I am released from the bench. My wife likes me to tell her what implement or which series of strokes were the most intense as we share intimacy. 

Jeanie: You ask what makes for a "good spanking".

I think of the adage about plane landings, any one you walk away from is a good one. Any spanking you can walk away from is a good one, too. They're ALL good! "Good" is such an ambiguous word; what makes a spanking good is what makes it great, transcendent, memorable.

For me, that means that it would be administered by my lover. He would tell me early in the day that I was going to get a really good (in this sense "hard") spanking at bedtime, so I can anticipate and ruminate and work myself up for it. For me, the best spankings are a consequence for some error in judgement or purposeful mistake or wrong. That way, the spanking purifies, absolves, cleanses me. 

Maybe my lover will take me to the bathroom after dinner to supervise my bathing. There he can wash my naughty lady parts, telling me how he'd prefer to be caressing me, worshiping my backside, stimulating me sexually instead of prepping me for the spanking to come. (Of course, he's accomplishing all those erotic things as he washes, fingers, explores my body.) He points out explicitly how my body arouses him, how he'd prefer to be pleasuring me instead of punishing my needs. To MY mind, the best spankings are given with his bare hand; I love the intimacy of this means of getting to my just desserts. Whether he towels me off and leads me to our bedroom, or turns me over his knee right there in the master-bath and spanks my wet cheeks, it's a firm spanking, a stinging spanking, one that goes on until we are both sure that I'll remember the lesson. It takes me to my limits and then forcefully, commandingly, authoritatively (I could go on and on) takes me past those limits a bit, so that I "lose it." My mind reels, wondering how intense it will be, will it EVER end? how bruised I'll be later... I might have to start begging, I might start crying. I end up feeling owned, possessed, dominated, his. The pain becomes a warmth! If it's just been a hand spanking, my bottom ends up fiery red as if lit from within, I adore the feeling of being marked as his.

Spankings have always been sexual for me. I am so pleased to be sharing life with someone who finds them just as hugely stimulating. We usually segue from spanking to sex. (I'm trying to "turn over a new leaf," and not describe my sex life so openly and graphically.) So, in conclusion, I will just say that "good" spankings lead to "good" sex! 

And that was a "good" question for our brunch!

Liza: What Roz said. :)

Hermione: A good spanking starts off with a loving, over the knee hand spanking. When my bottom is nicely warmed up and tingling, I bend over the bed for a paddling with a series of implements. A good spanking doesn't stop too soon. I need to feel the ouch, and that takes time.

KDPierre: One that coincides with my desire to be spanked. Other than that, most other details seem much less important.

I hope you all have your share of good, safe spankings this week.

From Hermione's Heart

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Anonymous said...

There is no good spanking for me, my wife who I must call 'Mommy' when a spanking is needed, I dance around afterwards, and promise to be good. I showed this to my wife/Mommy and she said a good spanking is when I'm getting a spanking and her Mother is present or when her best friends sees the afterwards. She said her Mother approves and shows she learned well from her and as for her best friend, she proves that she is in charge in this marriage. A good spanking for me is when I get off her lap, short spanking dance, face the wall, knowing my punishment is about over. Jack