Thursday, June 17, 2021

We Are Safe

Ron and I had our second COVID shots yesterday, and we are so relieved. The original wait time between shots was four months, but the province reduced that a couple of weeks ago, and I was able to book us online for back to back appointments. We were there and back home within an hour -- no waiting in line. 

The parking lot at the arena was nearly full when we arrived, and I wondered why, since the appointments are spread out. But once inside we saw dozens of volunteers and medical staff as well as clients. At the door we were given masks to replace our own, then followed the arrows into the arena. We showed our health cards and were directed to a station where a volunteer gave us an information sheet and a doctor injected the vaccine. Then it was over to a waiting area with chairs set 2 metres apart, as well as rows of gym mats in case anyone felt faint. We waited 15 minutes then were allowed to leave. I now have two I got the covid-19 vaccine stickers on my shoulder bag.

Now we can both go shopping again, observing all the same precautions, of course.

 Stay safe!

From Hermione's Heart


Roz said...

So glad to hear both you and Ron are now fully vaccinated Hermione. That must bring great piece of mind. Love the pics lol. I do get the train every day and it worries me. Masking on public transport is mandatory here, but not all do, or don't wear them properly or only put them on after having been on the train for a while. The high school kids and young adults are the worse. Many just don't bother.


PK said...

LOL! Those are some precautions! They told us here that we are considers safe two weeks after our final shot. They say now over 98% of those in the hospital with covid have not been vaccinated. And here with rare exceptions those not vaccinated are just stupid because we have plenty.

ronnie said...

Good news that you and Ron have had your second jabs. AS PK says they do say two week after your jab you are safe, well as safe as we can be. The Indian variant is spreading here in the UK. Hopefully it will slow down as more younger people get their jabs.

Pictures made me smile, thanks.



I got my second Pfizer yesterday and can apply for my EU COVID vaccine passport, which should become valid on the first of July and allows me to travel anywhere in the EU.....FREEDOM!..... Feels good, getting your shots over with, doesn't it :)


Anonymous said...

That's wonderful, Hermione! I'm so happy for you and Ron.
The pictures are so funny.


Fondles said...

LOL at some of those pictures. I had to stare at more than one to figure out what I was looking at.

Glad you got your shots! Gratz.