Sunday, June 13, 2021

Spanko Brunch 2.0 #387

It's so nice to see you all here today. Help yourself to the fruit salad, find a chair with a soft cushion, and let's talk about spanking.

How do you feel about meeting like-minded spanking enthusiasts in real life? Does the idea appeal to you, or would you rather not reveal yourself to anyone. Have you actually met other spankos? How did the meeting make you feel?

As always, you may remain anonymous if you wish. Please leave your response as a comment or email me if you prefer. Once everyone has had the opportunity to speak, I will publish an edited summary of our conversation.

From Hermione's Heart


QBuzz said...

I really like the fantasy, especially if it involves soft swinging (spanking our partners in front of each other) or even actually spanking each other's partners.
Not sure about doing it in reality though...

Spanky53 said...

I've met a good number of spankos over the years. Some through parties, dungeon events and some who'd I'd met in chatrooms, particularly when I was on tour or just visiting cities where various people lived. Sometimes it was just for dinner or coffee sometimes play, spontaneous and planned.

Anonymous said...

Spanking is an intimate marital activity, and should not be shared with anyone else.

Roz said...

We met up with another couple once who we had connected with online. It was definitely an interesting experience and it felt freeing and strange at the same time to be able to talk about spanking. We also attended a munch and BDSM event once. A fun and interesting night.


ronnie said...

Yes I've met up with fellow bloggers and their partners from UK and the US a few times and it was great. We all got along wonderfully. It seemed like I had known them for ages. We exchanged gifts (some spanking related) and spent the day (we even stayed over in London on one occasion having lunch and just talking about everything.


Anonymous said...

I doubt we ever will.

But Irene does lots of role play. I am a younger version of myself of undetermined age. She is a classmate, a neighbor, a neighbors mother, a sorority girl, a cheerleader, a senorita, a southern belle, British royalty, a volleyball or tennis player, playing several roles over the course of an hour or two.

If she had a friend who wanted to watch or also spank me, I would be interested for sure (if it were the right person). I think she’d be willing in a theoretical sense, but there will never be a right person.

She’ll joke a little bit in public about disciplining me and one whacked my bottom several times with a wooden spoon when a bunch of us were cooking.

But we never discuss this sort of thing or anything sexual with friends.


morningstar said...

My introduction to spanking/BDSM was in the 'real' world.... Only discovered the online world some years later.

I LOVED the camaraderie of real life! Play perties and munches were like a breath of fresh air.
Sometimes now I miss those days

Barrel said...

I would like to meet other spanko’s, but I’m not sure my wife would. These brunches have helped me come out more than I ever thought possible. I have emailed another submissive husband who is spanked that lives in the same city as we do. That felt good and safe. I broached the subject with my wife to meet that other couple and got a cold look, so I dropped it, but the idea still appeals to me.

I am contemplating asking my wife to give me a birthday present wherein we see a local disciplinarian. I think my wife might benefit from her tips and tricks and learn to scold and punish me even harder. That event might also help my wife come out a bit more, too.

I respect and cherish the intimacy that follows my spankings. We would never break that trust.

Anonymous said...

I've never met anyone openly interested in spanking except the professional dommes I've seen. I'm in the closet, as they say. I might come out a little after I retire. Certainly, spanking is a topic I'd love to discuss in person with like minded individuals. I wonder if the "Q" in LGBTQ would give us some cover here if we did come out in the open.


I only ever meet other spankos these days to either discuss the possibility of playing or to play. It might sound a bit counterproductive but I would kind of like to meet up socially, with a group of other spankos just for a non-playing chat group. Just to have conversations about the kind of things that you cannot talk about with your vanilla friends and acquaintances. I know that this is easy online, we are doing it now, but face to face is always better.


Anonymous said...

I have not met other spanko's and certainly wouldn't want to either be spanked in front of others or watch others being spanked. However to have girlfriends who were spanko's that you could talk to about it, and commiserate after a hard spanking, yes that would be lovely.