Friday, June 18, 2021

The Latest in Gym Wear

Or maybe not. 

The leggings show more skin than standard gym-wear. 

Every day I read the latest news at Imagine my surprise at seeing these butt-revealing crotchless leggings featured in a story on the site.

For the gym or not? What do you think.
From Hermione's Heart


Roz said...

Hi Hermione,

Good grief, a definite no from me lol. Sexy wear only, but even then, no IMHO. Hope you have a great weekend:)


PK said...

Did you say crotchless? Um... no. Not even if I had the body for it. And I don't.

ronnie said...

Oh no, not for me.


Anonymous said...

Irene usually dresses for sex (and to discipline me) and has worn a few crotchless things from time to time. Our favorite is a fishnet body stocking but mostly I find getting under a relatively normal skirt or dress to be the biggest turn-on.

This outfit does not really appeal.



Erica Scott said...

Say what? Okay, I can get with tight leggings, if you feel comfortable wearing them. I personally would choose a darker color. But crotchless?? Uh... no. I mean, it's not like you could wear panties under them, they'd show. So what are you supposed to do -- walk around with your legs clamped shut so your bits won't show? Ridiculous.

I haven't bought any of the newer skimpy TikTok-style leggings, but not because they're tight or revealing or what have you. It's that they're all high-waisted and I hate high waists!

Bernie said...

How tasteless. These kind of things always sound like some kind of joke, at best.

Anonymous said...

I like a little surprise. These are so childish.


I have seen a lot of guys, in my area, wear more revealing things for cycling :)


WendelJones said...

Good for spanking but I doubt the Misses would wear them.


Hermione said...

I have to agree with you all, I wouldn't even try them on.