Monday, June 7, 2021

Recap: Spanko Brunch 2.0 for June 6

Before we begin today's brunch recap, I have some sad news. My dear friend Red Often's blog Consensual Spanking has been taken offline by Google after a virus was discovered. Needless to say, Red is working hard to get his blog reinstated. I will keep you updated on the progress. 

Now on to our recap. Do you love or hate your spankings? 

Roz: When we had an active dynamic most of the time it wasn't the spanking itself that I loved but the aftermath. The heat and glow and feeling of closeness and connection. The only spankings I loved were the light sexy kind.

As for spankings I wanted to avoid, that would have to be maintenance spankings, mainly as they used to include naked kneeling which I hated at the time.

Anon: Oh my! Do others feel that they could write volumes on this, or is it just me?
I wasn't spanked much as a child, the first time just enough to know that the wooden spoon hurt like the dickens. I convinced a boyfriend in high school to spank me, he giggled throughout, and I kicked him to the curb. I talked my next boyfriend through the experience and rewarded him with my virginity. Then I started looking for a guy who didn't need to be told what to do. Be careful what you wish for... 

Many "kissed frogs" later I'm with a wonderful man. He spanks me lovingly, sometimes moderately, which I adore. Sometimes he punishes my faults and is quite strict. It hurts like hell and I hate it when I'm receiving it. But I feel that same warm feeling as always afterward (& not just on my backside). Spankings have ALWAYS been sexual for me. Even after the harshest punishments (yes, I've received a strong dose of a variety of implements on my bared and deserving butt) and some moments of aftercare, I want to make love. 

So, I LOVE all spankings sooner or later, hate the really hard ones during the act. I feel all the more sexual & all the more fulfilled AFTER the really hard punishments. I "wish for" (fantasize about, writing about, masturbate about) spankings a lot (like when I haven't had one for a while, or when I've just received one, or...)

Yorkie: I love my spankings. I love every part of them from the anticipation of one to the magnificent after glow, including every single swat of the hair brush and stroke of the cane. A complete high from start to finish and a subsequent boost to my libido!

Bonnie: All these years later, it's still all love here. Even if I may not enjoy certain aspects, the net result is positive and deeply desired.

Rosco: I love them and crave them. But I do think over time they’ve become even more important to Irene.

She thrashed my bottom with two powerful leather whips yesterday. Both hurt like the dickens, but within seconds I wanted more. The thin whip (a quirt from Teskey) delivers a sharp sting that satisfies like cold lemonade on a hot summer day. And it leaves nice welts but no bruises.

Wendel: It is like the MEMEs say: ”Funny how things change with age. I used to hate taking naps and being spanked”
We love spankings and would not change a thing. 

I love that meme!

Ronnie: Yes I need to be spanked. I love it all, the anticipate, the spanking and the heat and glow my bottom has after.

Prefectdt: I do love my spankings. I do wish for spankings. I get the odd bad one, now and then but that is going to happen. My main complaint about my spankings is that there is not enough of them.

Red: I love to be spanked. The lead up and the afterglow are wonderful. The more the merrier, and the longer the better. However, during the spanking I used to wonder why I wanted this, but now, the spankings are stronger, so no time to think, just absorb the spanks.

Barrel: I love it too, that’s why I asked my wife to start spanking me over 40 years ago. The build up messes with my mind which is a treat. The spanking is wonderful, no matter how hard and long. I marvel how unsteady on my feet I am after a thorough thrashing. Ah yes, the aftercare. Always the best when she asks me what implement was the best and promises more of that one next time.

Joe: I have had a life long desire for spanking and look forward to every spanking. Each spanking relieves any stress I may have and really gets me going. The warm stinging after is incredible. Sometimes I want more then T can deliver but I always feel better.

Hermione: Like all of you, I love them! At the time, maybe not so much. But I love the anticipation beforehand and the after glow when it's over. Even during one, I enjoy the feeling of being under someone's control.

It's unanimous then!

From Hermione's Heart

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