Monday, July 12, 2021

Recap: Spanko Brunch 2.0 for July 11

How do spankings make you feel?

Jeanie: You suggested "Satisfied" or "Contrite." Ha! That's what a top might want, but not on my cast-iron butt. 

I'd suggest that I feel like "Swooning" when I sense it's actually going to happen, "Indefatigable" at the inception (while putting up a brave front, or backside), "Subdued" enough to know not to resist or fight-back against the inevitable during the spanking. I feel "Replete" when the slaps finally stop raining down, like when you're comfortably full after a delicious feast. But a different hunger gnaws at me at this juncture. Spankings do NOT satisfy me, they make me "Crave" true, complete satisfaction through sex. 

I hope you're not sorry that you asked! Young people today have a phrase, "all the feels." That's what I thought of on this topic, but my feels might be a little more "Raw" and less "Romantic."

Wendel: It may sounds silly but a spanking is one way we show affection towards each other. Oh yeah , we feel sore for hours afterwards. 

Bonnie: Oh, yes, all that and so much more. To a large degree, how I feel depends upon the spanking and the circumstances. I could provide a hundred adjectives to describe my emotional reactions to a spanking. For the sake of brevity, here is a slightly shorter list: fulfilled, loved, humble, happy, dazed, special, energized, sexy, connected, and snugly. And sore, definitely sore.

Roz: How I feel after a spanking depends on the nature of the spanking, the reasons behind it and any emotions involved. It can also depend on the length and intensity. Basically though, all of the above.

Jack: Sore, very little, and will be glad when able to sit comfortable again. Spankings are punishment, which I need, my childish behavior, or as my wife reminds me, men are just little boys, comes out and needs proper motherly attention.

Rosco: There’s a deep satisfaction that leaves me spent and exhausted. No contrition since it’s all role play - Irene may tease me about having learned my lesson about peeking up girls’ skirts and stuff like that.

I had to wear long pants yesterday since some errant lashes of her quirt left marks on my legs. But the deeper soreness from a sound spanking is most pronounced 24-72 hours afterwards.

Bernie: I usually feel contented after a thorough spanking. It let's me know that I'm valued and loved. It also gives me the satisfaction of having completely submitted. Soreness is appreciated, too, as it reminds me of the caring that went into giving it.

Ronnie: How I feel after does depend on the spanking I'm getting so can be loved, connected, content, satisfied, contrite, sexy but always sore.

Prefectdt: If it is a good spanking, that has gone well, then my mind will be dancing with the fairies for up to a day afterwards. Spanking induced endorphins have a strong effect on me

I missed the earlier "before" question, but as for this one, certainty satisfied, romantic, and a bit sore, but I think mostly..."affection?"

I only spank/get spanked for the sheer fun of it (never "punishment") but afterwards, with me or her or both with fairly red and tingling bottoms, I think back to what fun it was, and how lucky I was to share it with my spanker/spankee. I have always had warm feelings toward my partner. "Affection" seems the correct definition.

Barrel: I don’t think I can express it any better than Bonnie and Roz. That’s exactly how I feel. After a long and stern session, I too, feel dazed. I love that adjective.

Hermione: I always feel aroused and ready for the erotic experience that follows. The true feeling of relaxation comes after I do :)

Thank you all for sharing your thoughts this week. Stay safe!

From Hermione's Heart

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