Friday, July 23, 2021

You Completed the Caption

KDpierre: "Don't blame ME for not feeling anything through this damned bustle, blame your own Victorian prudery for not stripping me naked first!"

Jack: I should have picked up the fireplace shovel, it would have gotten her attention and wiped the smile from her face.

A.J.: "Why isn't she complaining..."?

He doesn't understand why she's loving it?

Jeanie: "No, darling, I don't feel a thing. I think your regular hairbrush paddlings of my bottom have developed calluses back there. May I suggest we try it in the nude with a school cane...?"

Rosco: Something is wrong, very wrong.

She's lying the wrong direction for a right-handed spanker. The artist was too lazy to start over, but willing to add the question mark.

Baxter: Dear, I cannot feel the hairbrush at all. Maybe you should lift my dress and try that. OR we could switch places and I can see if you can feel the hairbrush. Either way is fine with me. 

Prefectdt: C'mon dear, put some effort into it, you need the exercise.

Eric: "Is that all you've got?"

Lurker48: I agree with KdPierre!

Wendel: Lawrence suddenly realized why a spanking should be given on the bare bottom.

Roz: Why is she still nagging? Obviously time to get serious with this spanking.

Rich Person: "Why am I doing this when I have no clue how it works?"

Ronnie: I know dear, now you have to pull up my skirt and spank me.

Barrel: Hmmm...enough warm up? Yep! Time for the cane, my love.

Man: What the heck is making that squeaking noise every time I whack her posterior?
Woman: Little does he know I hid my dog's favourite squeaky pillow under my skirt.

From Hermione's Heart

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