Saturday, July 3, 2021

You Completed the Caption

Paddle Daddy: If I get another spanking tonight because of the things YOU say , I am locking you in the trunk all weekend! Ohhhhh my butt's sooo sore :-(

Prefectdt: As your butt is made of wood, this really is going to hurt me more than it hurts you.

Jeanie: Jane, in her freshman year at Vassar in the year 1928, was exceptionally bright, but was just coasting, as she had been throughout her academic career. Her lackadaisical attitude had finally caught up with her in college.She was flunking several of her courses. How was she going to tell that to her mother?
Mrs. Collins knew something was wrong with her only child. The normally outgoing girl was sullen. Here she was home from college for fall break with her hair bobbed and a see-through nightie as short as the flapper's dress she'd worn home!
Jane had gone up to her bedroom to go to sleep an hour ago, but Mrs. Collins heard noises coming from upstairs and went to investigate. Outside the cracked bedroom door, Mrs. Collins saw and heard what amounted to a psychological therapy session, as Jane addressed her favorite childhood doll perched on her bare knee.
"I'm very upset with you, young lady!" Jane admonished the doll. "You haven't been applying yourself at college, and your grades show it! You know what you need, young lady, and that's just what you have in store." Jane stood the doll up. "That's right, pull that obscenely short skirt up and get those bloomers down around your ankles!" Jane seized her hairbrush from the nearby night-table and raised it high.
"Umm-humm," Mrs. Collins cleared her throat. Jane froze as her bedroom door slowly opened.
"I'm very upset with you, young lady," Mrs. Collins said. "You haven't been applying yourself at college and your grades show it! You know what you need and that's just what you have in store."
Mrs. Collins sat on the edge of the bed. Jane stood up slowly, guilt written all over her face. Mrs. Collins took the hairbrush from her daughter's hand, but let her hold the doll for comfort. Up went the hem of that short nightie, down came those gauzy underpants. 

Baxter: Why is it that every time you are naughty, I get my bare bottom spanked until it is very sore? I hate you my favorite doll. Well, not really as I do like being spanked. Be as naughty as you can. 

Wendel: My boy friend Geoffrey said he would turn you into a paddle to use on me if you are naughty again. 

KDPierre: If on your date tonight with Pinocchio he ends up going down on you, make sure you ask him an incriminating question and then wait for the thrill of a lifetime.

Hermione: Using her favourite doll, Grace demonstrated to Tom how she wanted him to scold and spank her.

Stay safe, everyone, and do come to our outdoor brunch, being served on the patio in a few hours.
From Hermione's Heart

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