Monday, July 26, 2021

Recap: Spanko Brunch 2.0 for July 25

What traits make a good spanker?

Roz: That's a great question. I think a good spanker knows their spankee well, there likes and dislikes etc and is able to read signals from the spankee such as body language and verbal queues.

Rich Person: Empathy. I think a good spanker can feel what the spankee is feeling during the spanking session, and use that to give them the proper experience.

Anon 1: To be a good spanker you need to have been on the receiving end as a spankee. It gives you much more insight into the spankees thoughts, emotions and feelings...posterior and otherwise.

Wendel: Anyone can give a spanking. Just bare the bottom and smack until the person cannot sit. To be a good spanker in a relationship you must know your partner emotionally. You need to understand their feelings and convey your love to them even though you are giving them a sore bottom. When it is over the spankee is left with a wonderful experience. 

Barrel: Agree with all the comments currently posted. I would add technique, which includes location and delivery. I was spanked yesterday and an errant stroke landed high on my tailbone, which ruined the moment. While wrapping of an implement is very effective when delivered correctly, strokes that wrap to the sides of the hips are nasty. My wife has practised caning a pillow to enhance the delivery of very hard strokes accurately.

Prefectdt: Beyond the obvious, respects hard limits, safe words etc, I think that what makes a good spanker is someone who can develop her own style. I have had many notable spankings that have been totally different from each other. There are no one set of traits that make a good spanker. She just has to find a way to spank well, within her own abilities and character.

Rosco: Someone who enjoys it, either innately or learns to like it because their partner does.

For me, the lecture and role play are important.

A sense of the desired intensity and duration, with few errant strokes.

Hermione: For me, it's a man who is enthusiastic and enjoys the job.

KDPierre: There are numerous things but in my experience the best spankers are the ones who really want to do it--like not just as an experiment, or to be cute, or to be accommodating--but a personal desire of their own. Something IN themselves. These folks tend to then pick up all of the individual traits already mentioned very quickly. 

Anon 2: My wife gives me a very good spanking twice a week. She is the best spanker, in my estimation, since she is the only person who has ever spanked me as an adult. She spanks me exclusively. And I would not want anyone else to do it.

Great insight into the question. Stay safe, everyone!

From Hermione's Heart

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