Monday, July 5, 2021

Recap: Spanko Brunch 2.0 for July 4

We discussed how you feel waiting for a spanking, and here's what you said:

Jeanie: I am made to wait for almost every punishment spanking I receive. If it were up to me, this would not be the case. (But if it were up to me, I wouldn't be made to bare my bottom, receive punishment with some detested implements, or have to serve corner time.) It is not left up to me.

Hermione mentioned several words, "anxious" and "apprehensive." Both of those qualities come into play beforehand. She mentioned "eager." I am eager to get it over with. I would suggest another word, "anticipation." There is the anticipation of the pain to endure, and of the euphoria experienced afterward. I am a spanko that hates hard spankings. I fear them, but I earn them with regular frequency. I find a simple beauty in the dichotomies of the Dominance/submission arrangement. The waiting just intensifies everything.

Wendel: I almost always get paddled when the Misses has a girls' night out evening. She will announce my upcoming paddling and tell me to wait in the bedroom. The Misses will get her clothes ready and get everything else organized. Then I am informed that the spanking will take place when she gets out of the shower. I sit and wait until she returns. When she comes out of the shower I have to remove my pants and bend over the end of the bed. The Misses will paddle my bottom until I can sit. I do enjoy the wait. 

I have made the Misses sit and wait in the kitchen a few times for her spanking. No real reason other than it is fun. She has to sit in a chair until I am ready. Usually about 15 minutes. When I come in the room I will have her stand and pull down her pants. I sit and take her across my lap. Her spanking can be by hand, the paddle or the belt. 

Enjoy the long week end Hermione. 

Roz: We have often had to wait to spank. The nature of the spanking dictated how I felt but the wait was always filled with anticipation and anxiety, particularly if it was to be a disciplinary spanking.

Anon 1: Waiting is the worse, more so than the actual spanking. Having to stand, sometimes with just my pants and underpants pulled down, or naked, I just want to get the spanking over. Normally the waiting means that another person is going to be present, that person could be my mother-in-law, friend, neighbor. These people I have been offended by my actions so get to see a grown man become a little boy.

Barrel: Unless the spanking is purely foreplay, which it often is, I have little prep time to think about it. But when we plan a session, I always begin with excitement and anticipation for several days in advance. The closer it gets, anticipation turns to apprehension, then angst as I know it will be a long and stern session. Yet, even as I place myself on the bench, I want it so badly. 

Ronnie: Thankfully these days it's rare I have to wait for a spanking. When I have had to there was always anticipation and anxiety. I hated waiting.

Red: Love the idea of knowing that you will be spanked later today. Sadly, we rarely do this, so thanks for the reminder to talk to Cindy about it.

Bottoms up!

Joe: Rarely is there any wait only when I ask for one in the morning then my wife see you tonight. Sometimes I will get get a text around noon as a reminder.

Prefectdt: I just waited for about a year for the spanking that I got last week and a satisfying one it was too :) I think that waiting that long, every time, is a bit much to ask. That nice, butterflies in your tummy feeling, as you anticipate an upcoming playtime, is a nice part of the experience, but for a week or two, at the maximum please.

Rosco: Never apprehensive, often eager.

They're intense and hurt plenty but only briefly. Once in a while an errant blow to the testicles or hipbone is over the top - but this is seldom. If Irene is seriously annoyed with me, we do not do the spanking thing. That would be a bad idea for us (and I would think most other people.)

Can be frustrating when things get interrupted. It's fun to get a stern warning and have to wait a bit.

Anon 2: Because I crave it, my lovely wife gives me a hard bare-bottom spanking twice a week with a wooden paddle I made for her. As she puts it, she does it "only because I love you." We are both 80+, so this does not lead to sex. Nevertheless, it is very intimate! Afterwards, I always thank her and give her a kiss. I love the after glow that might last for a day or more. 

Hermione: I always know in advance when I am going to be spanked, and I usually feel anxious in a good way. I want to hurry the clock along so it reaches the appointed time sooner. If I have to wait because of a change in plans or something unforeseen, I feel frustrated.

Brunch is over for this week. Stay safe, dear friends.

From Hermione's Heart

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