Monday, July 19, 2021

Recap: Spanko Brunch 2.0 for July 18

What specific misdeeds result in giving or getting a punishment spanking?

Jack: My attitude, childish behavior, and worse of all disrespect to my Mother-in-law who is bossy. The bath brush really gets my attention, always spanked over my wife lap, and if the spanking is for childish behavior I will call my wife Mommy until told otherwise. As for my bossy Mother-in-law, will be spanked on the spot. My wife wants to insure her mother she addresses such disrespect quickly. On a few occasions my mother-in-law is handed the bath brush and she likes to spank in private so taken to the bedroom and private or not I can be heard. My mother-in-law will when done with the spanking tell me to undress, I'm spanked on the bare bottom, taken to the front room, face the wall while her and my wife talk. Husbands are just little boys my wife reminds me and wives are Mommies who spank naughty little boys. 

Xen: Hmm, it’s varied. It might be severe if I’m being punished for multiple things at once, or if I’ve done the same thing pretty recently, and *especially* if I’ve done it recently but was let off for it. The only specific thing I can remember being severely punished for was putting too many chocolate chips on a breakfast bar, but that takes a little explanation:

First off, most of the things I get punished for are things I want help with motivation/accountability-wise. In this case I had these oatmeal bars I’d have for breakfast, and they are a million times better toasted with a few melted chocolate chips on top. Key word being “few.” I’d got into the habit of just PILING the thing with chocolate chips, truly out of hand, so I’d asked him to help me stick to a reasonable amount. This evolved into me sending a photo to prove I had a reasonable amount. Soooo, occasionally I’d take the photo but have a couple extra in my hand, and hey, a couple extra really doesn’t make that much of a difference. Of course a couple soon got to be a handful, and occasionally occasionally became daily. Anyway, I was probably (definitely) doing it partly to push my luck, and eventually I got caught naturally. So I was punished for the chocolate chips, but the severe part came in because I’d been pretty blatantly breaking the rule and hiding it, and it had been going on for quite a while.

(Disclaimer: honestly is really important in a relationship and lying because you crave punishment is generally a terrible idea. HOWEVER. Part of me also really wants to get caught out in things. My husband and I have a lot of built up trust, and I would never hide anything important from him. He knows that, and this kind of boundary pushing works well for both of us.)

Anon 1: When I am disrespectful to my wife or do not complete the chores assigned to me daily, then I know I am in for a severe spanking, humiliation and a long list of extra chores. I get punished for other offences too, but I better avoid the ones mentioned, trust me!

One other thing gets me in serious trouble is when my mother-in-law, who visits us regularly, feels I am not paying enough respect to her or her daughter. My wife allows her mother to deal with any misbehaviour from me herself, and boy, she does.

Ordered to strip naked I find myself over her lap and she knows how to give a good spanking with her hand! She always switches to her (much dreaded) hairbrush and soon I am crying and bawling like a little baby. At least 1 hour cornertime and I am usually unable to sit for a few days and I need to sleep on my stomach too.

In spite of all the severe pain and humiliation, I do love them both dearly and I know they punish me to make me a better person.

Roz: Punishment spankings for us were mainly due to breaking agreed rules or for disrespect.

The one that stands out though is one particular weekend Rick was away and I visited my parents and returning that night. Driving to my parents involved driving over a notorious small mountain pass. The weather was also bad that night. I failed to contact Rick when I got home to let him know I was safe as I was meant to and he was worried out of his mind.

Anon 2: If I don't obey the rules,and there are many, she lays out for me or do what I'm told when I'm told. Then its upstairs to the bedroom to strip, before being marched down to the basement stopping in the kitchen for the razor strap (it hangs there in plain sight for all to see) to get my butt blistered raw. Sitting is out of the question for at least 4 days, and I'm black and blue for 1 to 2 weeks. Needless to say,this does happen often. I behave myself because it's quite painful and humiliating, as it happens regardless of who might be visiting. 

Bonnie: For us, it's not a matter of earning a serious punishment style spanking so much as agreeing to one. There are times when that is exactly what I need. Sometimes, I ask for it. Other times, Randy will propose it and I will consent. Either way, experiencing a really painful spanking reboots my emotions and lifts my spirits.

Rosco: Peeking up a skirt or trying to. Inappropriate ogling when I should be minding my own business.

But it’s all role play and pretend. When Irene is really annoyed with me the punishment is much more severe than spanking - she ignores me.

Prefectdt: Normally, my only punishment spankings happen during fun spankings. Sometimes I am not as stoic, during a spanking, as I would like to be and do some dancing and squirming. I would rather be dealt with at the time, rather than mentally beat myself up about it for days afterwards. A few hard strokes with a cane or a strap across the front of my thighs usually does the job. I hate that. So my crimes tend to be dancing, squirming, inappropriate vocalisations and blocking.

KDPierre: With us it's a combination of specific, agreed-upon rules and the more emotion-driven feelings of Rosa with regard to thoughtless remarks or undue sarcasm due to impatience. That said, not every infraction invites a punishment and sometimes (as I recently wrote about) a very exceptional and rare lapse of mine, I actually requested the punishment just because I was so disappointed with myself....even as she admitted she didn't think it was such a big deal.

We are currently getting around to one, or should I say two, that were the result of me just acting without thinking, despite specific instructions from Rosa. It's like I knew what she said, and then in the moment, had like a moment of panicked confusion and did the exact opposite of what she said. Because it was obviously unintentional, she is not seeing it as an act of defiance, but because it occurred so immediately after her instruction, she is just beside herself with frustration. The only reason she hasn't punished me yet (because I've already admitted my fault and apologized) is because she says she is still too upset to do a serious punishment. She wants to get to a better headspace and THEN do it. As you can see, these aren't knee-jerk, whimsical things. They are emotion-laden and very real and as such are treated with the care real issues deserve. 

Barrel: Punishment spankings occur as a result of three things. First, I am disrespectful and raise my voice with my wife. Second, one or both of us conclude I need one to reduce stress. Finally, I ask for one. In all cases, the spankings are longer, more intense, include restraints and I am lectured during breaks when my wife changes implements. We are planning one next Saturday for the first reason stated. I am trying to build a new spanking bench I got from Red’s blog in time for it to be inaugurated during what my wife promises to be a memorable session.

Hermione: We don't do punishment spankings, but if I ever damaged our car (Ron's pride and joy) I would surely be in for one.

Be good, everyone!

From Hermione's Heart

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