Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Wedding Bell Blues

This bride is prepared to spank her way to the ceremony.

The groom and his friends prepare for the worst.

The honeymoon will probably include this to aid in the reinforcement of their vows.

And they lived happily ever after.

From Hermione's Heart


widgets said...

These are not blues: they are REDS. The picture of the boys holding on to each others butts are because she has to show them their place for the previous night's bachelor party. They now realize who is in charge.

Anonymous said...

Oh, how wonderful!!!


Michael said...

LOL Once again, Hermione you bring a smile to my face. Excellent, and it will be a wedding night to remember.

Anonymous said...

That's what I call getting off to the right start.

ronnie said...

Looks like she's imagining her man over her knee.

Thanks for the smile Hermione.



That paddle does not look too harsh. I think that she will be moving on to something more solid, once the honeymoon period is over.


Hermione said...

Rachel - Yes, reds is right!

Maria - Kind of an interesting fantasy.

Michael - Thanks. Yes, that groom will have something to remember.

Mick - Start as you mean to go on - a great motto.

Ronnie - Glad you liked it!

Prefectdt - I'm sure she will. The paddle's just to give him a false sense of security.


BOB said...

Great photos.!It would be great if the bride and her girlfriends had a bachelorette party where they stripped the groom and his groomsmen naked in front of a cheering crowd of women. And then had them serve as naked waiters for the rest of the bachelorette party.. And then symbolically spanked them to let the new husband know who was going to be boss from now on.