Wednesday, December 1, 2010

A Television Startle

One of our favourite television programs from last season was Boston Med. This reality show was filmed inside three large hospitals in Boston, and each episode featured  three medical cases as well as the doctors, nurses and patients involved in them. It was the last place I thought I would see some spanking, but then, you never know!

Here is the synopsis of episode four:
A trauma surgeon fiercely committed to his work operates on a pregnant woman who was shot in the chest; a teen with a diseased heart waits patiently for a transplant; a pair of surgical residents take advantage of time off for a night on the town; an ER nurse relaxes on a cruise with her coworkers.

The picture above is of the nurse, relaxing on her cruise. To me, it looked very much like she was bending over for a spanking. The shot was repeated several times during the hour, as a teaser of what was to come, When it finally appeared in the storyline, I lost myself in fantasy and imaginings. Then I heard Ron say, "Did you see that spanking?"

"What? Do you mean that nurse bent over?"

"No, the next scene." My daydreaming had made me miss the real thing! 

I rewound the tape (we still use a VCR) and played the scene again. Sure enough, right after the scene on the cruise ship, the action switched to the club where the residents were enjoying themselves. A closeup of a male, his back to the camera, then a female hand landing a hard swat on his posterior!

That was worth rewinding. We laughed, exchanged knowing looks and carried on with the show. I hope there is more spanking this season, if Boston Med returns.

From Hermione's Heart


Michael said...

Love startles in the vanilla world, Hermione. Being startled like that just makes it seem all the more naughty.

Kady said...


Since we started TTWD, I have been amazed at all the spanking insinuations on tv. I think it just goes to show how much more prevalent it really is, and if that's the case, why does it have to be so hidden????

Thanks for sharing, I hope to catch the episode sometime.



Thank God, I am not the last person in the world who owns a VCR. I don't think that series has made it to Belgium yet, I will keep an eye open for it now though.


Anonymous said...

I watch "How I Met Your Mother" not just because it's funny, but because it's chock full of spanking references. It's obvious that one of the writers has spanking inclinations, no doubt.



redxxx said...

spanking in the main stream is wonderfully erotic for us spankos. thanks for sharing

ronnie said...
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ronnie said...

There seems to be more and more TV shows showing a little spanking, got to be good.

We've just had to change our VCR


Sorry Hermione, deleted comment was mine.

Hermione said...

Michael - Yes it does.

Kady - I don't know why we need to hide what just about everyone seems to be doing.

Prefectdt - That makes two of us then.

Pink - I must watch it. thanks for the tip!

Red - Yes, it really is a turn-on.

Ronnie - That's three of us! VCRs aren't easy to find anymore.