Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Wednesday WIN

Our blogging friend Ms. Betty shared some great holiday gift ideas with me. They're all from Lehman's, an American store that focuses on high quality merchandise.

We are all familiar with backscratchers as spanking implements, but they are usually made of flimsy, breakable bamboo. Not so with this one. It's made of sturdy poplar wood and able to withstand high impacts.

A leather flyswatter would be the perfect gift for that special person who is looking for a little more spice in their spankings. Ms. Betty assures me these are very effective, and she ought to know!

This is called a "cast implement seat". It's a repurposed tractor seat, and looks very uncomfortable to me. It would be just the thing to use as a "naughty seat" to sit in while waiting for that spanking. Sitting in it after one would be very uncomfortable.

Happy shopping!

From Hermione's Heart


ronnie said...

That's seat looks so uncomfortable. I've often thought of buying a backscratcher but everyone says don't but seeing your picture I'm tempted Thanks to Ms Betty for passing them on and to you Hermione for sharing.


Mitch Philbin said...

Ms Betty has always had a wonderfully devious and kinky mind. She is top notch, and I'm sure has many everyday items that she wields.

redxxx said...

great gift ideas.

Hermione said...

Ronnie - You'll never guess - I saw one of those seats today in a local antique shop.

Mitch - and wields them well!

Red - Glad you liked them.