Sunday, December 19, 2010

You Cleverly Completed the Caption


My readers have come up with some great ideas for what this young lady has on her mind:

Bacall: "You think it's easy to read with the book behind me?"

Bogey: "You think it's going to spank itself?"

Recidavist: "Wee, the book says that you have to tell me in a very stern voice that I've been naughty and that I have to pull my pants down and bend over your knee; then it says that you should keep spanking me until I'm contrite....Darling what does contrite mean?"

Michael: Hypnosis Don'ts:

"Stare at the vertical lines. You are getting sleepy, sleeeepy. Wait, no! You are not supposed to be getting excited, Mr Chross. What are you doing with that hairbrush? Get away from me. EEEP!!!"

Bonnie: "Smart girls like spankings too."

Randy: "So what'll it be, head or tail?"

Ronnie: "I've been lying here for the last hour while you take pictures. When are you going to spank me like you promised?"

SixoftheBest:  She says. "I've always liked being a blonde on top, and my bare bottom's red" with a naughty wink at me.

KellyRed: "Well, I'm finally done with my dissertation. Let's blow off some steam. I'll be Barbie, and you be Ken. You can bend me at the waist and spank me with that plastic hair brush."

Bobbie Jo: "Hello, darling! It's about time. I have been waiting for you to warm me up!"

Dave Wolfe: "Oh, hi! I just fell out of that picture; is this Narnia?"


"Nope, this entire couch is taken... whaddaya gonna DO about it?"


Fellas make passes at lasses with glasses and cute asses.

Jay Walker: "Do these shorts make my bum look big?"

Red: "I bet your cane cannot make even stripes on my bottom like these pants do!"

Hermione: "What are you waiting for? Men like to spank asses of girls who wear glasses."
From Hermione's Heart


Anonymous said...

Drat! I missed it, flitting in and out as I have been lately.

But, here is mine:

"When you called me a smart ass, it gave me an idea..."

(Like the new look, too!)

Anonymous said...

These were so funny. The picture begged for something clever, but I had nothing.

Hermione said...

Pink - I love it!

Mick - I'm glad you liked them. Maybe you'll be inspired next time.