Sunday, January 1, 2012

You Completed the New Year's Caption

My readers understand the finer points of a yearend spanking. Here's what you said:

Spanky: "On the butt Harold, not my back!"

Michael: "Dammit, Harold, if you're going to spank me at least use the proper hand."

Bonnie: "Poor Harold, it seems, was directionally challenged."

Red: Just another visual reason why you should neither drink and drive, nor drink and spank... you become directionally challenged. Drive safely...spank often.

Anonymous: Happy Knee Year!
Happy Kneew Year!

Ronnie: Harold you don't have to wait until you hear the the first stroke of midnight. Spank me now.

Autumn: Unfortunately Annie's New Years Resolution to "give up spankings" did not sit well with Harold... unfortunately Annie didn't "sit well" for the rest of the evening.

Six of the best: Hermione says to her ever loving husband. "I always knew a good spanking, was the stairway to heaven."

Sweetpea: Harold became confused when Mavis told him she was tired of being the top and wanted to switch.

Vfrat25000: Once across Slim Whitmeyer’s knee, Pauline Goodbottom quickly realized Slim desperately needed glasses.

Instead of the tradition of carrying the bride over the threshold, Dexter Abernathy Rothschild invented what was known as “Laying the Bride over the Stairs.”

Horace Bond, the evil banker, found something he liked a whole better than repossessing property.

Bighampton Boardman and Penny Monroe Star in the Golden Era cinema hit, “The Silent Spanking.”

I know he has greasy hair, a dorky looking moustache and he can’t spank worth a hoot but he owns 51% of a little company called Standard Oil.

Ricky: He said: Work, work, work!
She said: Tell me about it!

The VBB: Something doesn't seem right here ...... Let see the left hand on the Bottom and the right hand holding her down ..... Or maybe it is the right hand on the bottom and the left hand holding her down...... Blast it I can't remember, I really wish I had written down those instructions.

Prefectdt: Her New Year's resolution was to teach him to spank left handed.

Jackie: Lady - We don't have time for this, we have to go see the fireworks.
Man - Don't you get it? These are the fireworks. They sound a lot like smacks.
Lady - Huh?

Hermione: Harold started the countdown to the New Year five minutes before midnight: "300...299...298..."

Happy New Year, everyone! May 2012 bring you much joy and happiness.

From Hermione's Heart


Spanky said...

Happy New Year to you too Hermione!

Sara said...

I did not complete the caption, but I do want to wish you and Ron a Happy New Year! Sara

ricky said...

Happy New Year to you and Ron!

Sweetpea said...

Thanks, Hermione, for all the fun and pleasure your blog has brought me.
May you and Ron have a spanking good year.

Hermione said...

Thanks, everyone, for your good wishes.