Thursday, May 1, 2014

Complete the Caption

It's May! This charming woman is dressed in a coordinated outfit and is ready for an adventure on the high seas. What do you think is in store for her?

Complete the caption by leaving a comment and I will publish your speculations in a future post.

From Hermione's Heart


Simon said...

The proposed new uniform for the Irish Navy did not meet with universal approval.

Anonymous said...

Spank me I'm a Irish !

Our Bottoms Burn said...

I can only think what would be in store for her, if I caught her.

Anonymous said...

Finding her was so much better then finding a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow

ronnie said...

Mary's Irish eyes wont be smiling after her spanking or maybe they will.


Leigh Smith aka Sunny Girl said...

Oh, what a beautiful morning, I wonder what's in store for me.

Rollin said...

Aye captain, I put on me wee shorts like you commanded. Now where's this gunner's daughter I'm supposed to kiss?

DelFonte said...

Niamh was relieved the photo session was in Florida and she was not freezing her butt off in Ireland.

Ni Na said...

Let's make a race. You give me 200 quid. If you catch me, you get your money and may spank me. If not, thank you!

ricky said...

Whassa matter with you all?
We're not Irish . . .
We're Italiano!!!
Viva la spaghetti and all 'da meatballs!

Vfrat25000 said...

It’s amazing what a little Photo Shop work can do with a photo of Hillary Clinton’s last visit to Ireland

Would somebody please tell Betty we are in Italy not Ireland.

Photo Shoot: Take 117 (I think maybe the photographer is not finishing this session on purpose! Ya Think!!!)

The new Ambassador to Ireland certainly is making an impression on the Irish population!

Husband: Oh my goodness would I LOVE to spank that!
Wife: Sure, he wants to spank her. I can’t get him to look at my bottom!
Husband: Sweetie, let’s go back to the hotel room. You and I need to talk about your behavior!
Wife: Happy Days!

May I take this opportunity introduce you to Admiral Darcy of the Irish Maritime Force.
One question: Where do I enlist?

Mitch said...

Aye, mate, me bottom sez top o' da mornin' to ya