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Recap: Spanko Brunch 2.0 for May 18

This week's discussion was on whether spankers are born or made. Here's what you said:

Dan: As always, thanks for the shout-out! Hope you're doing well. In our case, I would describe my wife's attitude as, "willing though skeptical." Frankly, she thought it was more than a little weird. Yet, here we are, 10 years later!

Joe: I suspect the truth lies somewhere in between 'born with' and 'grew into'. I certainly didn't marry dear wife so I could leave 'impressions' on her bottom and she didn't go out looking for a Master to spank her.

Although early in our courtship we realized she needed strong guidance and about the time we were married that guidance grew into physical discipline albeit quite by accident. We had just got home from our honeymoon when she got into a mood. In frustration I gave her a swat on the butt and her mood improved immediately. It happened again several months later and I realized she needed regular maintenance. With maintenance her foul moods disappeared and an extremely beautiful woman emerged. However maintenance was not sufficient and occasionally she needs a punishment spanking. That doesn't mean we are into kink however. We are devout Christians who believe that Husbands should love their wives and wives should submit to their Husbands. At my suggestion my dear wife has put a submission tattoo on the back of her neck. In Hebrew it says "Master's" She finds it comforting in the evening when she sits on her cushion at my feet and I gently rub the tattoo.

Welcome, Joe!

Minelle: I'd say my guy was a spanker! The first time I kept (playfully albeit annoyingly) punching his arm... 23 years ago, I ended up across his knee. I was a bit of a live wire. We had more threats and small spankings until recent years where we are much more actively TTWD.
As for me the interest has always been with a part of me!

Dee: I think they could be both born and made. But my fella was definitely 'made'. I reckon I wore him down with so many emails/conversations and total 'brain information overload' that the only way to get me to stop, was to spank me :)

Dee, it's lovely to hear from you again!

Terpsichore: For me this has always been a part of me. For my husband, while he enjoys to see me feel the pleasure that I crave from a spanking and does so willingly...I still sometimes need to encourage, ask, hope, give instruction, beg, and plead...I would say he was made not born :-)

Annapurna: The predisposition to spank or to be spanked, or both, are inborn then nature and happenstance take over.

Cutiebootie: What a great question! I feel that I was born wanting to be spanked. I am a switch, so my love for spanking meandered over to becoming the spanker. It was intriguing to me. For me, it was perfectly natural.

As for my guy, he has grown to love spanking me. He has always been eager to participate, never hesitated to try spanking me, and is a fast learner. I still remember the first time that he spanked me. He did a good job. My spankings have become a lot harder these days and we both enjoy them!

Arched one: In our relationship, I'd have to say she was made a spanker. She started spanking me because I asked for them. She went along eagerly but did not understand why I liked her spanking me. She knew it hurt and did not understand that. After much explanation and reading she now understands and now with much eagerness gives me punishment, maintenance, and just because she feels like spanking me spankings.

On my part I'm more than happy to present my bottom to her.

Simon: I think spankers are born not made. When I was younger I tried to be a spanker but it never quite worked. I knew I was interested in spanking but whenever I was lucky enough to have a lady over my knee it was never quite right. It took me a while to realise that I had misinterpreted my desires and that what I actually wanted was to be spanked. Once I had worked that out I enjoyed myself considerably more. I have been lucky enough to find a lady who is a born spanker (and indeed caner, strapper and what ever other implement she can use) and since then I have never looked back. So there you have it, I think spankers and spankees are born with an innate desire.

Dr. Ken: I'm on the right track, baby, I was born this way! :-)

(Ahem) Sorry about that...

I became aware of an interest in spanking at elementary school age, so I definitely feel that this interest in spanking women is something I was born with.

Prefectdt: Put me, strongly, in the born camp.

As far as female spankers are concerned, I suspect that there are more natural spankers than will admit it. The "men being dominant" expectations of society causing many to suppress their nature.

Nina: I'd say both, born and made are both possible. Hubby knew it from his family, whereas I only learned it from him.

Baxter: My wife thought it very weird and me a pervert for wanting her to spank me. I took to getting spank fiction books from Amazon and one day she asked to read one. She read several stories and said 'I get it'. And then she said, pull down your pants and bend over the bed and she proceeded to take one of my leather belts and spank me with it. That was probably 8-10 years ago and she has been spanking me ever since, upon my request and as it turns out, at her proactive demand. I am a very happy husband now.

Ronnie: Both born and made are possible. I'd say P was born a spanker, definitely interested and eager to participate.

Rob: I saw a picture of me at 3 and it looks like I am smacking the rear of my girl cousin. I do remember playing doctor when we were 5/6 and I always gave her a smack after the "exam".

In my case, this was definitely innate. For the record, I was never spanked as a kid.

Welcome, Rob!

Hermione: My husband was the one who initiated spanking in our relationship, so I'd have to say it was an innate preference. My explorations into the world of spanking blogs resulted in a whole lot of ideas that I gradually introduced into our play. Our spanking adventures blossomed after that, so I guess it was a little of each.

Nature or nurture? It seems to be a bit of both, but who cares, as long as it results in spanking. See you all next week!
From Hermione's Heart

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