Saturday, May 31, 2014

You Completed the Caption

After a hard-fought ten rounds, here are your very creative captions:

Nina: Nobody comes between me and my Oreos.

GaryNTboy: Just wait till I get my hands on that hairdresser!

Cara Bristol: What do you mean you don't like my meatloaf?

Queenie: I SAID we're going OUT to dinner!

Sunny Girl: Come and get it buster, I dare you!

Ronnie: Try that again again and I'll knock you for six. Didn't you know I was the women's boxing champion in college?

Not the type of glove modeling Mary was used to.

Minelle: I'm tougher than I look!

Sir Wendel: Madison Boxing Gloves in Saffiano Leather by Coach.

Annapurna: Hi, I'm your brain surgeon. Don't worry about my hands. I can still hold a scalpel.

Michael: If you think my hair is bad you should see what the manicurist did to my nails.

Bobbie Jo: C'mon, big boy. I'll show you what tough is!

Ricky: I believe that is 1930s film star, the luminous Jean Arthur.
To the studio chief: Now I want top billing on my next picture, or else!

Katie: Uh uh!!! NO spanking for me today!! I have a great right hook!

Vfrat25000: Doctor: What seems to the problem Mary?
Mary: My hands are terribly swollen, dark, and puffy. I can’t see my fingers!
Doctor: Mary, you are wearing boxing gloves. Take them off!
Mary: Oh thank you Doctor. You are a medical genius. Thank you so much
Doctor: You are welcome. Have a nice day Mary.

What’s with the woman in boxing gloves?
Apparently, her husband found out about her wrecking his new Corvette while showing off to her friends. Personally I think she’s got the padding on the wrong part of her anatomy!

Betty had a bad case of P-M-S which made her want to kick some serious A-S-S

Here Betty, hold this priceless and I mean priceless Fabergé egg while I open the safe. For goodness sake DON’T drop it!

I woke up in a gym Sunday Morning with boxing gloves on and some old goober passed in the center of the ring. What happen to the good old days when I would go out on Saturday night and Sunday morning I would wake up beside some tall nameless cowboy type? I have GOT to lay off the tequila.

Hermione: Sally went to great lengths to protect her manicure while giving her husband a spanking.

That was energizing! Now let's relax and have a nice chat over brunch, coming up next.
From Hermione's Heart


Cat said...

Loved all the answers...everyone is so creative! Have to tell you...that picture isn't Jean Arthur, it's a very young Barabara Stanwyck. She starred in many films but I remember her from the old TV show Big Valley. ;)

Hugs and Blessings...

ricky said...

My mistake, Cat! Thank you for the correction.
Barbara Stanwyck was also a very luminous presence on the silver screen.
I just loved her in Union Pacific
and Ball of Fire, but was scared to death of her in Double Indemnity. Brrr!
A great and wonderful actress indeed!
-flickers lover ricky