Sunday, May 25, 2014

Spanko Brunch 2.0 #21

Welcome again, dear friends. Another month is almost over - how time flies! This week's topic is about the passage of time and keeping those spanking memories alive.

Do you keep any kind of record of your spankings, like photographs, videos, a diary, a journal or a punishment book? If so, do you record most of them, or just the memorable ones? Do you share them with anyone else? If you don't keep a record, would you ever consider doing so?

Please leave your response as a comment, and once everyone has had a chance to speak, I will publish a summary of our discussion.

From Hermione's Heart


Jay said...

About a month before I started blogging, I decided to write letters addressed to my fiancé in a journal so he could read them. It's always been difficult for me to communicate my wants/desires/needs, so I thought maybe I should try writing letters where I can explain what I like or don't like without feeling like I'm under a spotlight. I will usually write something about a recent spanking with emphasis on what I enjoyed or what to avoid. So far, it has worked great! The journal and my blog serve as a record of my memorable spankings. And what's also great is that these two record-keeping methods as well as the spankings themselves have all made opening the door for communication easier.

Ni Na said...

Long ago, in the early stages, I have had a diary where I also wrote about spankings. But that's stashed away at the back of my wardrobe and I haven't used this diary for years. If I do write anything about spankings, even about memorable ones, I do it online, in my blog now.

abby said...

I have kept a diary for years....long before Master. I have kept almost all of them, I enjoy going back and reading them, i choose one a read or re-live. I do mention Master, but by His name and our vanilla activities. My blog is my kinky diary.
hugs abby

Leigh Smith aka Sunny Girl said...

I'm like abby, my blog is my kinky diary. Now you know just how bland my life really is. lol

Dan - A Disciplined Hubby said...

An old blog that I've since discontinued served as my spanking journal for some time. But, I found that to be too public a forum. I haven't really kept one since. One thing we have been experimenting with is a journal in which I am required to self-report any breaking of our rules, or other bad behavior meriting a spanking.

ricky said...

A record or diary is a private thing; it tells to our future selves what we were in the past,
and gives us clues of
what we've become.

Well now, who feels like celebrating?

As per moi, I'm going to have a bite of the above appetizer.
It looks so good and nutritious,
I'll never look at a piece of fudge again.

Anonymous said...

I have never kept a journal of the spanking I receive, but many pictures have been taken of my red sore bottom. At times when many implements have been used in one spanking she has taken pictures after each implement. They are all dated and we go thru them once a year and enjoy the memories.

Anonymous said...

We are going to start a private 'Spanking Log'. It will have columns for:- date - time-location-number of spanks- which implement - what on, clothed, pantied or bare - position adopted - whether restrained, gagged, blindfolded or butt plugged - and the reason for the spanking, if any.
It will be S's job to complete the Log, and assess the smart from 1 to 10. At the end of the year, I will add up the total number of spanks. I'm sure this will be well into four figures, but that only averages out at 4 or so a day ! D.

Simon said...

For a long time we didn't take pictures. I realise your younger readers might not believe it but there was a time when if you used your camera you had to take the film to shop to have it developed and that stopped us taking pictures.With the advent of digital photography we started keeping a pictorial record of my punishments and I have written them up sometimes for her blog. Some carefully chosen pictures, in which I am not easily recognised, have appeared on her blog and a few other blogs I read but on the whole they are a private record.

ronnie said...

My blog is my diary and P has his own - an album of my spanked bottom and a couple of videos:)


ronnie said...

My blog is my diary and P has his own which consists of a whole album of my spanked bottom. He also has a couple of videos.


Dee said...

Like most everyone else. My blog serves the purpose of a diary I guess. (Or it kinda used to) I do have a tumblr which has a few 'selfies' but I'd say that's more of a picture diary, if I could even call it that! I have a video of Mitch spanking me because yeah..... I was curious and wanted to see what I looked like from that angle. I don't know if I'd ever do that again because I was very aware of being filmed and looked like a dead fish over his knee. LOL! Not to mention I discovered I had very fine blonde hairs on the lower half of my 'cheeks' which had me reaching for the wax strips faster than you could say....... CUT!! :)

Dee x

Anonymous said...

What an interesting set of questions!

No, I don't record or photograph my play, and I have no intention of doing so.

If my novel ever is published, it will contain some fetish elements, written for a mainstream audience.

River Wild said...

No, I don't keep any record of my punishments. Sometimes I write about what caused a spanking, or how I felt about one, on my blog though :-)

Underling said...

My 'naughty girl' has a diary (really just a blank ruled notepad) that I gave to her, I think, the second time we met. We don't live together, and she typically fills it in between times while I'm not around - or if she gets behind with it (which of course, is considered being late with homework and dealt with accordingly ;)) I help her to catch up.

It's mainly a document of the kinky stuff we get up to, but also contains souvenirs like cinema or art gallery tickets, occasional photos and the like. It's a lovely thing to look through.

Jenny said...

I really don't, though my blog can become a record of most of my activity.

Anonymous said...

Further to earlier comment, we have now christened our spanking log.It reads :- "26.May/ 4 pm/at home/
24/ leather paddle/ bare bottom, skirt up, panties down/ bent over sofa arm/ hands tied behind and butt plug in / Because my gorgeous Susan had been teasing me all day with her wiggling bottom to get first entry in the log.
She asses the smart at 7 out of ten.