Friday, May 2, 2014

Friday FAIL

For your Friday entertainment, I have an assortment of bottoms selected especially for you. They aren't even from Walmart. It just goes to show that nuttiness can happen anywhere.

That bottom is going to experience such a sting!

So do I

I'll go with the Devil this time, thanks

Brrr! He (or she) looks cold!

That must have been quite a hard spanking!

Too bad he didn't test the firmness of her sister's bottom before he said "I do".

Happy Friday! Don't forget to Complete the Caption before you leave for the weekend!

From Hermione's Heart


Ni Na said...

OmG, they are all real fails. The last one is so mean, but would make for an exciting book or movie

abby said...

I can always count on you to start my Friday with a laugh..and a groan.
thanks abby

Roz said...

LoL Hermoine, all definite fails. OMG the last one! Have a wonderful weekend :)


DelFonte said...

Lol - the first, all those tables being specifically designed for carpentry... perhaps they're rehearsing a magic act!

Hermione said...

Nina - He reminds me of Peter Barlow on Coronation Street. A few years ago he was married to two women at the same time. Now he recently married the woman he left wife #3 for, but is sleeping with yet another woman.

Abby - It's good to know I am reliable :)

Roz - You have a great weekend too.

DelFonte - I certainly hope so!


Leigh Smith aka Sunny Girl said...

The first one - is there something more going on there? I love your comments under the pix.
The groom's behavior is outrageous and I think PK and I actually saw that 'angel' in downtown Las Vegas.

ronnie said...


I do love your Friday Fails. Thanks.


an English Rose said...

Oh gosh, these are so awful. Have a nice weekend
love Jan,xx

Mitch said...

The first guy will certainly be more "cracked up" than before. Or as Forrest would say, "stupid is as stupid does!"

Erica said...

Friday wouldn't be Friday without your Fails! :-D

Kenzie said...

Always look forward to these Friday Fails. :)

Cat said...

OMG Hermione...these are all 100% fails! That first we know why they say women live longer than men. Good gravy...that last one...what a jerk!

Have a great weekend.

Hugs and Blessings...

Hermione said...

Sunny - You saw him too? It's a good thing what happened in Vegas, stays in Vegas!

Ronnie - I'll be sure to keep them coming.

Jan - Thank you, and you have a fine weekend too.

Mitch - Or as Judge Judy says, "Beauty fades, but stupid is forever."

Erica - It's a nice way to end the week :)

Kenzie - that's so good to hear. Thank you.

Cat - The first one had me shaking my head too. Stupid or what?