Wednesday, May 21, 2014

A Shop for Tops (and maybe for bottoms too)

Long-time reader René sent me this photo of a store in Vancouver, British Columbia. He has wondered whether they provide more than just women's clothing. "I didn't ask so far, but maybe they do in the back" he said.

Well, maybe they do provide other services, or at least one might find serviceable straps and paddles among the handbags and scarves. The name draws a lot of attention to the four shops in various locations throughout the city. Reviews on Yelp regularly mention the name, although not all customers are equally enthusiastic.

"If the name isn't enough to entice you to step in, the clothes, shoes and accessories will do it for you!"

"Great store, crappy name."

You can't please everybody. But about the name. In an interview with the in-house clothing designer, Sylvia Lee explains how it came to be.

Working in Spank has been such pleasure for Lee. But once in a while, some amusing quirks come along, like questions about the store name – why is it called “Spank”?

“People always mistake Spank for something like spanks! [Does she mean Spanx?] It’s really funny!” laughed Lee. “Jana [the owner] came up with the store name. She’s a creative woman, and kind of eccentric in a good way. She just blurts out ideas to get a reaction, and when she was trying to figure out a name for the store, she’s like, ‘Spank!’ She guessed that people would ask, “why is it called Spank?” and maybe because it can be interpreted a certain way…”

She's right. The name got a reaction from me, and I interpreted it that 'certain way'. Wouldn't you?

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Anonymous said...

A very eye catching name. I can see my wife dragging me into that store hoping to find a new implement to apply to my bottom.

abby said...

It would catch my eye and my curiosity.
hugs abby

Ni Na said...

Even though it is a fashion shop, maybe they have a backroom for implements. Or do they offer spankings as an additional service?

Anonymous said...

I would enter that store expecting to buy a spank or two or three: corporal punishment, OTK, therapeutic administered by a professional spanker.


ronnie said...


I wouldn't be be able to resit going into a store with a name like that.


Hermione said...

Arched one - If she didn't find any, she might see a dress she likes.

Abby - Mine too.

Nina - Apparently not :(

Hedone - I wonder how many others have thought exactly the same thing.

Ronnie - I might be a little hesitant, but I would certainly explore it.


Roz said...

A very eyr catching name. I wouldn't be able to resist going in either!


Minelle Labraun said...

I would definitely want to go inside! They could put up large suggestive images!

Anonymous said...

I think the owner is one smart lady. There is no way I could just walk past a Spank store without going in for a look around. If their shopping bags carry the store name, I might even have to buy something just to get one, lol!

Leigh Smith aka Sunny Girl said...

You bet and it would get at least one visit from me.

Erica said...

I think she accomplished her purpose, certainly. Ridiculous name for a clothing store or not, it gets people's attention.

I doubt I could work there, considering that to this day I can't say that freaking word without smirking or blushing.

Hermione said...

Roz - I wish there was a tore near me!

Minelle - They could. What would be suggestive? Bottoms? Paddles?

Queenie - Very smart indeed. I didn't think of the shopping bags - great idea!

Leigh - Maybe you could take a trip up north someday.

Erica - I'm the same. I can write it but certainly not say it. Imagine answering the phone there :)


Baxter said...

I would be expecting a back room with implements and a dominatrix waiting by the door to usher me in. Well, in my fantasy.

Cat said...

I wonder if some of the tops investigating and discovering it was not what they expected, would take out their disappointment on some bottoms. ;)

Thanks for sharing...

Anonymous said...

Aha! I walk by that shop quite frequently. There is another SPANK store in the city that I have visited because I just HAD to see what they had (I took a photo of it today), but didn't mention why. And yes, it's all clothing :) I do admit that I have a big grin whenever I walk by them, and the only friend that knows about my interest sometimes will yell out "Spank!" when we walk by in a futile attempt to embarrass me!


Anonymous said...

The store's name and its hidden meaning never crossed my mind, only my lap! Or, maybe I should have said bottom?

Anonymous said...

I think you go in, select a curvy young lady, decide how you want to spank her, say ' A dozen on the bare with a slipper' , pay your money, and then into a side room, for her to bare her bottom, and take up what ever pose she is told for her spanking. She's smarting, you're happy !

Hermione said...

Baxter - You wouldn't be the only one with that fantasy.

Cat - One can only wonder :)

K - That would embarrass me too!

Annapurna - LOL good one!

Anon - That's so much more interesting than boring ole dresses.