Monday, May 5, 2014

Recap: Spanko Brunch 2.0 for May 4

Our topic this week was how we feel about the word "spanko". Here's what you said.

Queenie: The first time I ever heard the word was here in blogland. I wasn't sure I liked the sound of it for several months. I slowly became accustomed to it. Now, it sounds perfectly natural and I can't think of a better word to describe myself or my husband!

Welcome, Queenie!

Dan: I have never gravitated to it, though I'm not sure I have anything better. I don't really consider myself into spanking, as much as into having a wife who uses spanking to keep me in line. Spanking is the means for me, not the end. So, the term "spanko" doesn't quite fit for me personally. But, for those for whom the spanking itself is what they're into, and they don't consider themselves a "submissive" or some other term with a more D/s connotation, "spanko" seems as good as any.

Annapurna: Why not rump thumper, booty slapper, bumbee bouncer, butt knocker, tush thrasher, whip slave, lash master, hairbrush queen, paddle monger, rod swinger, BDSMer, spank-o-ramist, crop duster, and so forth?

I don’t know, really. Maybe I don’t cotton well to the term?

Spanko it is, I guess.

Hobbes: Why not? It is short for spankophile, one who loves spanking. If we can have Francophile, bibliophile, Anglophile, why not spankophile and the obvious, everyday short form, spanko. It is succinct, descriptive, accurate, unique: what is not to like?

houston_switch: I consider myself to be a spanko and use it widely at certain times in certain places and here in blogland.
Ricky: I like it: a sweet, innocent term.
PS: Would you please identify your brunch pictures. They all look so delicious!

I'm glad my brunch posts make you hungry!

Baxter: I like the term spanko, as Hobbes said above, it is short for spankophile. But I probably would not use it outside of blogland though. 

Sir Wendel: I like it. Spankophile sounds too clinical.

Simcor: I would prefer spankophile to spanko. I disagree that it sounds too clinical (this is, of course, a matter of taste). The shorthand "spanko" could be conflated with either spanker or spankee, while a spankophile can be either one or both.

Arched one: I like the term spanko and actually never thought much about it. It describes something we like to do. I can't think of any other word we have ever used.

Nina: We don't use the word often, instead, when we talk about spankings, we prefer to use something like ttwd, spanking, caning, or we use sub/slave for me as a person.

Ronnie: Personally I don't mind the word at all. Quite like it and use it myself.

Pearl: The word doesn't bother me at all. I actually think it's cute =) I would consider myself a spanko, just haven't referred to myself as such before. Thanks for the brunch!

Bogey: I have no problem with the word, especially when talking with like minded folks. It comes off the tongue better than TTWD. When writing I prefer spanking enthusiast. I picked that up from Tony Elka of Shadow Lane, two decades back.

Polly: I was actually going to reply very similarly to Hobbes - to me the term is a shortening of Spankophile, so it's not derogatory or anything. It's actually rather intelligent. ;-)

I too am not a "spanko" in the terms of spanking being the only thing that turns me on, it's primarily the dominance. I love that feeling in the pit of your stomach that you're "in trouble" that you're going to be "taken in hand" that you're under the control of this other person. *chills* But I like the word, I think it's cute. ;-)

Bonnie: I don't recall what I said seven years ago, but I have no issue with the word spanko. I don't know a synonym that works as well.

Simon: If people are happy to use it I say fair enough, personally I'm against using one word to describe a complex and diverse group and this applies to anything not just spanko.

Underling: I quite like the word 'spanko', and I use it regularly. Although my kink is a huge part of me, I find it difficult to be too serious about it and I think this word both reflects my primary interest and has a nicely light-hearted feel to it.

I can see why some people might find it a bit too informal or frivolous, but then having become more familiar with 'the scene' in the last few years I've learned that for serious players terminology can be very important.

I guess every group with a shared interest tends to develop its own jargon. I try to avoid terms like Dom/ Domme/ Top/ bottom/ sub for fear of tripping myself up in serious scene company. :)

Chickadee: Well it's short for what it is. And personally I think spanko sounds a lot more fun than spankophile... which to me sounds like a diagnosis or something.

Hermione: As I said previously, I have become comfortable with using the word on my blog, but it took some getting used to. I am not a fan of nicknames or short forms, and prefer the longer "spankophile", although it's a bit  formal. I prefer to think of us as spanking enthusiasts. But all of these terms have a sense of inclusiveness, and apply to both spankers and spankees.

The opinions expressed by brunch guests seven years ago were just as varied as these today. If you're interested, you can read them here. The Spanko Manifesto mentioned in the responses is here.

Thank you all for a lively discussion. I hope to see you all again next weekend. As always, you are welcome to suggest topics for future brunch discussions. Leave a comment here or send me an email.

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