Thursday, May 15, 2014

Complete the Caption

A long-forgotten photo album, recently discovered in the attic of a Victorian mansion, reveals details of a memorable summer vacation. Who are these ladies, and what are they up to?

Complete the caption by leaving a comment, and I will display your memories in an upcoming post.

From Hermione's Heart


Minelle Labraun said...

"Now on the other side please!"

Leigh Smith aka Sunny Girl said...

My brain is in slomo this AM, can't think of a thing.

sugarsweethoney21 said...

"Well, really Bess...sticking a fish in my bathing suit!!! You naughty little minx!!"

ronnie said...

Are you sure this is how you spank someone.

Sorry, mind gone blank that's all I could think of.


Mitch said...

I told you not to go in the water for 30 minutes after eating!

Sir Wendel Jones said...

Getting a fine tanning on the beach.

garyntboy said...

I said walk the plank, not crawl the I must SPANK !!!

Anonymous said...

You will love a wet bottom spanking, just wait until I get those knickers down.

Dr. Ken said...

"Are the boys looking now? Maybe if I bend a bit more.....are they looking yet? Maybe give my bum a little smack like you're going to spank me....are they looking NOW?"

Vfrat25000 said...

I’m bored let’s go throw firecrackers in the men’s changing room

The inaugural edition of the skin magazine, “Wet and Willing Women” was less than a rousing success after they used Betty and Coriander Pogolsmith, the two spinster school marms from Packsuckett Kentucky on their cover page.

I think there is a trout in my hat; at least I HOPE it’s a trout!

I am getting seasick Bertha!
Oh quit complaining Gwendolyn you are only standing in six inches of water

Maude Pendergraton and Beulah Steadfeter always dreamed of being in the Sports Illustrated swimsuit edition. They will have to wait another year after their photo portfolio was declined.

Prudence you can drop the provocative pose. That yacht just sailed on by.
Crap…Well it looks like we buy our own dinner again tonight.