Tuesday, May 6, 2014

From the Top Shelf - The Key that Unlocks, Part 1

Today I have for you a letter from an issue of Janus magazine that was published in 1982. It isn't necessarily true, but I found it quite stimulating, and I hope you do too.

The letter is written by a woman who calls herself Pamela, from Birmingham, England. At the time of writing, she was 25 and had been married for four years to an office worker named Derek, who was two years older.

I suppose I'm what you might call a natural for it. Spanking and caning that is. To my embarrassment, some men seem to be able to read me like a book - sense that I won't be able to say "No" if they pressure me hard enough. I never actually had it as a little girl but I always grew up with those fantasies of a powerful, dominating man who dealt with me when I had been naughty. But as a girl I never met anyone like that and Derek, my husband, is not that type of man either. The actual reality started about six months after we were married.

It was at a company dance - ballroom dancing, you know, where the man holds you, not this modern stuff - and really I could sense something when he walked across the room to where Derek and I were sitting. I didn't know him - the company Derek works for is quite big with a number of different branches, so it wasn't all that surprising. He was middle aged, fifty or so I'd guess, tall and heavily built. And he had those eyes which I could see staring straight at me as he came over.

He asked if he could dance with me and his voice had a hard commanding tone that was sending shivers down me before he even touched me. And on the floor with his strong arm round my waist and his big body right up against me, well I just felt excited and a bit dizzy.

He said he was with the London branch of the company and knew my husband slightly. Then he asked me how long I'd been married and I told him - just six months. He grinned and said young wives needed to be taken firmly in hand, and had I been taken in hand? I didn't know what to say so I just went red and mumbled something.

Then his right hand, not the one around my waist, came down behind me and simply took hold of my bottom. I had a thin full-skirted dress on with just my skimpy knickers underneath and, as we danced, he just kept his hand there - on my bottom, squeezing and groping it. And I just let him do it. There was this feeling of helplessness. That I couldn't stop anything he wanted to do. He was the man I had been fantasizing about as a schoolgirl.

It was quite crowded with a lot of people dancing so there was no real danger of people seeing what his hand was doing, but if there had been I still wouldn't have been able to stop him. Then, giving my bottom an extra hard squeeze he said "Have you had this dealt with yet?" Blushing, I shook my head, not certain what he meant. Then he said, "Have you had it spanked?"

What he then said, before we finished dancing, was that he wanted to come round and see me one morning, at my house, when I was alone. And, almost like it was in a dream, I heard myself saying "Next Tuesday."

Back with Derek, I could hardly think. He asked me who my dancing partner was and I gave the name and he said "Oh yes, he is a senior executive in our London Office." Someone else asked me to dance and was chatting away but I didn't hear a word. All I could think of was next Tuesday and what this man was going to do to me.

What he did, after I'd made him some coffee, was spank me. Made me get over his lap as he sat on the settee in my lounge, pulled up my skirt and slip, then just pulled my knickers down and started spanking my bare bottom. That hard male hand came down repeatedly on my soft bare flesh. He hit me hard and it was really stinging - but it was what I had dreamed of since I was a teenager. Being over a man's lap and having my bottom smacked. It was so exciting I thought I was going to faint. And the harder he hit me, the more it hurt and the more excited I became.

He did this a couple more times during the next week - came round to my house, took my knickers down and spanked me. Nothing else. I mean he didn't try to have intercourse or anything, although I wouldn't have stopped him.

Then he had to go back to the London office. And for the next six months I visited him there, once a week driving down and back without Derek knowing. It's just as well that he is not the kind of husband who checks the mileage on the car. I either went to his office or to his flat. And on each of these occasions he introduced something new. He caned me. On my bare bottom. Either over his desk in his office with the door locked, or over the arm of a chair in his flat. It hurt like hell, of course, but it really turned me on.

It was really super, those weekly trips, but then six months later it all ended. He transferred to a job abroad and afterwards I moped about not knowing what to do with myself...

Then a month later, after he'd left, more or less the same thing happened again at a party given by some people we didn't know very well. The man - he seemed to sense the same thing, that I couldn't say 'No'. He actually did it right there at the party. Spanked me. Made me go into one of the bedrooms with him, then put a chair against the door and took me over his knee and took my knickers down.

He's been doing it ever since. He's a rep and doesn't live near us but when he comes, about once a month, he always does it. Comes to my house and spanks or canes me...

There was a third episode last year when Derek and I went on holiday to Italy. Derek had gone off on a fishing trip and the hotel manager came up to my room. He started chatting me up and then, very soon, as we stood looking out of the window, he was openly feeling me up as well. His hands were going everywhere. I wanted to stop him but at the same time I didn't want to - and basically I was letting him do it.

Then, of course, he wanted more, and started trying to get me down on the bed while at the same time trying to get my knickers down. Well I knew he wanted to - well, you know - and I definitely didn't want that and I started to struggle in earnest. Then he changed his tactics and I realised he was pulling me over his lap. He started spanking me and I stopped struggling.

He came in and did the same thing the next day when Derek was out. Pulled me over his lap and spanked me, only this time taking my knickers down. And I let him do it... The same thing happened on two more occasions before we left - and no I didn't tell my husband any of this.

I don't believe a word of it, but suspect she wished it could have happened. Do you think it's plausible?

From Hermione's Heart


Rollin said...

It's pretty far-fetched.

I think this was a staff or pro written "letter" that's there for the titillation effect (let's face it--as were almost all of the Janus letters).

Baxter said...

I doubt that it is real. But most likely it is this woman's fantasy and in that vein, it is believable fiction. I think we all have the fantasy of having a strong person of the opposite sex take control and spank our bare bottom. I have.

Cat said...

I agree Hermione...I think this was someone's fantasy but it was still entertaining. Thanks for sharing! ;)

Hugs and Blessings...

Anonymous said...

It's implausible nonsense.

Her simple remedy would be this: ask her husband to spank her. If he doesn't know how, demonstrate with a self-spanking, which, I think, would be largely unnecessary.

Anonymous said...

No not true, but a wonderful fantasy. I'm sure some people that desire spanking and don't get it would have such dreams. But it is a nice story.

ronnie said...

Entertaining read but in my opinion not true. Thanks for sharing.


Roz said...

This is a great tale Hermoine and I agree .. a fsntasy in my opinion .. albeit a good one :)


Casey McKay said...

I thought the ending was going to be that her husband was sending all these men her way. I think that would have been cute.

Hermione said...

Rollin - Absolutely. The first man was slightly believable; the second and third were not.

Baxter - I agree it's a common fantasy, and the letter was probably very much enjoyed by the readers.

Cat - Very entertaining!

Annapurna - A better approach, but not as much fun for subscribers to Janus.

Arched one - That explains the serial spankers. A fantasy can go on and on...

Ronnie - I agree. Totally made up.

Roz - A fantasy that many of us can relate to.

Casey - Oh, I never thought of that, but what a fantastic idea! I hope he had a way of watching them spank her too!


sub hub in phx said...

Yup, probably not really ... but very exciting nonetheless. Thanks for posting!!!

Our Bottoms Burn said...

Probably fiction, but everyday I see something in the news that I would take for fiction, but it's on camera. I have known women who have had no problem having their knickers taken off for sex with man they just met, so why not for a spanking?

Hermione said...

Sub hub - Welcome! I'm so glad you enjoyed it.

Bogey - You could be right. She was setting off every Dom's radar.