Monday, February 16, 2015

Recap: Spanko Brunch 2.0 for February 14

Readers, you have some spanking good Valentine's Day traditions.

Minelle: It is not only Valentines Day for me it is my birthday. This year hubby is away so no Birthday or Valentines Day spanking. I am hoping for when he returns!

Jan: No chance here as he is working all night. Going to make up for it with a few spanky days away next week for his birthday. Hope you have a lovely Valentines Day.

DtBHC: Spanking is a reward for me so it is not dependent on any particular day, but rather on my behaviour and her mood and who else is around.

Pearl: DtBHC, I haven't heard another who got spankings as rewards and not punishments! AWESOME!!

And, Hermione, I truly hope that our Valentine's Day ends with a rosy red bottom for yours truly. But, we shall see.

Katie: If I was home with Rob, or he was here with me, I am pretty sure that there would be spanking. Hopefully that very nice, long, sexy kind. the kind with his hand, over his lap, gradually increasing... Ummm... I better not think about this too hard til I am home! HAhaha! Many hugs and hope you had some nice Valentine's spanky fun.

Roz: We have never really made a big deal of Valentines Day, and spanking depends of the circumstances. What we are doing etc. Alas, no Valentines spanking this year.

arched one: A few days ago R promised I'd get three spankings on Valentines Day and I did. One in the morning fresh from the shower I got her hand and wooden spoon until I was rosy. about 100 I was bent over the sofa arm for the whip, belt, strop for 75 then display position then just before bed time I was laid on a pillow on the bed bottom arched up for her and got the belt, strop, paddle and wooden spoon again for 100. All wonderful erotic spanking followed by beautiful sex.

Nina: We always try to have bonding time on Valentine's Day and this usually includes spankings too. Due to circumstances I had maintenance early in the morning and then the day went smoothly and we actually had the fun spanking I love so much early in the evening (baby dictates when we can do ttwd), so spanking was more than usual present in our house this Valentine's Day.

D: I once found a Valentine card, which contained a saucy little pair of panties, with a suggestive heart on the front, and 'spank here' on the back ! S loved them; they were soon on her. "No time like now" she said, and dived across my lap for me to spank her nice bottom soundly until we were ready to finish off on the heart side. I think it must have been quite a spanking, as she was definitely fidgety on her chair, when I took her out for her Valentine's dinner.

Bogey: We brightened each others bottoms in the morning, had a divine lunch and strawberries in chocolate after dinner.

Baxter: My wife and I went to a Valentine's dinner dance fund raiser for a jazz radio station on Friday night. Not sure why, but on the way home, she informed me that she was going to take the wooden paddle to my bottom sometime over the weekend and apply it at least 25 times. Hasn't happened yet, but the day is young. Am looking forward to it.

Ronnie: A Valentine's Day spanking really depends on circumstances and what we are doing. Doesn't always happen but this year I did get one.
Hermione: We don't go out to dinner on Valentine's Day because the restaurants are so crowded on that day. We save that treat for the following week. But we started our celebration off with a heart-felt spanking. Later we enjoyed cheese fondue, and finished the evening in front of the fire, sipping wine and watching Better Call Saul.

From Hermione's Heart

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Terpsichore said...

My hubby came home in the evening...had a family dinner and then once the kids went to bed we snuggled on the sofa and watched Better Call Saul, too. :-) No spanking though - too tired...maybe another day... :-) Hugs